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Dubai Holidays

City Breaks

If you’re searching for a holiday boasting the glamour of LA and the shopping opportunities of Paris all combined with some Arabian sparkle, Dubai is undoubtedly the ideal destination.

Suitable for all budgets, Dubai’s vast range of hotels will have something for everyone. Whether you’re a backpacker on the lookout for a cheap, comfortable hostel or a couple on their honeymoon with cash to spare, there’s a trip for every wallet. For those looking to flash the cash, the Burj al Arab has rooms ranging from 4* deluxe to ‘ultra deluxe’, plus a restaurant where you can eat in the surrounds of a stunning, 360 degrees aquarium.

For shoppers, the downtown Dubai Mall features 1500 outlets, as well as a fabulous ice rink that’s only eclipsed by the Mall of Emirates, which features its own ski slope. If you feel like sampling some local fare at a lesser price, make sure you visit the Al Dhiyafa road for a busy street filled with vendors selling traditional Iranian and Indian food.

Whilst clothes are usually priced around the same as at home, electronics and jewellery can be bartered down to a fantastic price. The Gold Souk in Deira, Al Dhagaya, is a great place to visit whether or not you’re looking to buy; tables dripping with gold and diamonds provide a truly breathtaking experience.

Despite having a materialistic reputation, you don’t have to spend a single dirham to enjoy holidays to Dubai, since there are plenty of things to do for free. The tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, stands in the middle of the city at a staggering 828 metres, while some of the best beaches in the region line the stunning coastline. There are also plenty of markets in which to soak up atmosphere and a number of festivals throughout the year that see celebrations pouring through the city’s streets.

If you’re looking at holidays to Dubai, Carlton Leisure has flights for as little as £306, giving you plenty of pocket money to enjoy the many and varied delights that Dubai has to offer.