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5 Travel lessons that can boost your love life

By Carlton Leisure - 09/02/2016


  • “We are all travellers in the wilderness of this world, and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend.” :- Robert Louis Stevenson

Travelling teaches us several valuable lessons, if learnt, can make us a better person. And your patience and perseverance is on the test when you are travelling to a territory which is new to you. More than breaking the monotony of life, travel takes us through valuable lessons and experiences that if used conscientiously can boost our love life. This valentine we deliberate on top lessons you can learn from travel to become a great lover.

Learn the art of appreciation

Travel teaches us to be more appreciative. This appreciation could be towards nature, food and heritage. You will get touched by village life in India or life of aborigines in New Zealand. You can even appreciate the vibrant souqs in Marrakesh. And the art of appreciation works wonder for those in relationship as everyone likes some genuine appreciation. If your partner is travelling with you then appreciating her demeanour could be a great bonding experience.

Have Patience

Great things can be accomplished with patience and this personal quality can be developed and tested while you are training. Your train may get late; you might lose that connecting flight and may not find your preferred room in the hotel that open towards mountain. Be patient. As all is not lost; you may find another train, may get a last minute flight or may get a hotel room better than previous one. The lessons learnt could be very useful in your love life too as you won’t get upset for that coveted party or picnic your spouse failed to attend.

Be Humble

Be humble and don’t throw your wait around. The universe is very big and we are very small. So don’t take yourself so seriously. A humble person makes more friends than a serious one. Your humble behaviour will help develop a better understanding with your partner and it takes nothing.

Perseverance is the key

The secret of travelling lies in keep going and never give up whatever be the circumstances. Sometime you may come across unsavoury circumstance: your travel bag may get stolen; hotel room may not be that comfortable or you might lose that last bus. So overlook the petty thing for bigger goals. The habit may help you in enjoying a fulfilling relationship as you stop making mountain of a mole.

Life is short, love and get loved

Travelling might be a rejuvenating experience but it is not without its pitfalls. The probability of accident, losses and theft always exists. But don’t surrender your dream to these fears. Likewise, don’t get influenced by someone’s failed relationship. Instead, enjoy the every moment of your romantic journey.