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A tour to Abidjan could be a mind blowing experience

By Carlton Leisure - 30/01/2015


It is said that if you are a true traveller and has passion to explore and see the world, then no one can stop you. Whether you want to discover the major countries of the world or small cities of world, the pleasure will be same to see a new destination full of different life and cultures. This section of our article will take you on a tour of Abidjan a small but important city of Cote d'Ivoire.

Populated with Lakhs of people, it is the second largest city in West Africa after Lagos and has been an economic power for the country. Despite various ups and downs, the city remains a wonderful destination for the travellers. It boasts a large selection of restaurants, hotels, sites and other reasons to visit. For those who are travelling through West Africa, it is a must see city with one of the liveliest night scenes to be found for 1,000 km.

Abidjan is recognized as the "Paris of West-Africa" and at the time of the long and stable government of the Ivory Coast's Godfather Felix Huphouet-Boigny, the city has developed. Though, the political issues and the civil war of the previous years have changed the city. Ignore, low preservation of structures and public agenda and the mass departure of other countries have made the city an ambience of "lost glory". A little great is the city’s zoo. It is truly a nice site with lots of interesting animals. Also must travel towards the Bassam a wonderful beach in Abidjan.

Other popular places to visit here

1)  National Library

2)  National museum

3)  St Paul’s Cathedral

4)  The Cocody Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art

5)  The Parc du Banco rainforest reserve


There are various sites to eat in the city, most of them on the sidewalk or on a small road side terrace. Ascertain that you know the price before sitting down as it will save you from the lengthy discussions about the rate when they try to charge you too much following the meal. The normal foods in the city are yam, bread, rice and Cassava. Bread is generally eaten in the morning as breakfast; the cassava can be taken cooked entire, as a crush plakali, combined with banana or in crams. Fish is the usually eaten meal. European style cuisines are found in the big restaurants like – Deux Plateaux, Zone 4, Plateau and Cocody.

Get in

Air - Abidjan is well-connected internationally with regular flights from UK.

Road – The roads of Abidjan are fairly good despite their preservation and associated well through all sides of the nation.

Train – The merely rail link with Abidjan is the one that finishes in Burkina Faso.

Abidjan is the most important and economic city of Cote d'Ivoire. It welcomes more than Lakhs of international travellers across the world to serve them a memorable holiday.