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A visit to Sydney can change your life

By Carlton Leisure - 14/05/2015


We remember our first visit to Sydney, were going to celebrate our first foreign trip. We feel blessed to have a good friend living in the city an Australian by the name of Joseph whom we met when he was in London for some cultural program. Joseph, being a kind person, suggested to stay with him and his family. Not only this, but he also made a fantastic holiday. Staying with our friend Joseph was great and his family were lovely and it was pleasant to go into a homey environment when we were emotionally weak at leaving our loved ones so far behind.

During our stay, we came across with some typical Australian food counting – Vegemite (not good but its ok), Tim Tams (Chocolate biscuits, completely tasty), Chicken Parma (a fried bone, breaded and enclosed in cheese and tomato sauce), and other yummy dishes. It was actually excellent.

We got an opportunity to see a lot of Australian wildlife. We visited the Featherdale Wildlife Park to see reptiles, mammals, Kangaroos and so on. There are lots of out of the ordinary coloured birds as well, which were fine-looking to watch at and too tricky to keep in mind the names of. We still can’t decide which one was our darling animal. They are quite attractively gorgeous.

Tasting lamb sandwich while watching joggers listing their favourite songs that we have ever experienced before, whereas seeing botanical garden, opera house and Harbour Bridge made our mouth open. Really it seems so common and astonishing. We didn’t feel like we were seeing such monuments that used to see in computer games, shows, films and photos. Seeing all these was a great feeling. And a harbour cruise just added a memorable moment in our Sydney trip where we got chance to see the Harbour Bridge, glittering skyscrapers, opera house and others. It is said that seeing all these attractions of Sydney in night gives you a reason to live your life. All looks so different and unique in night. But we never got a chance. Better luck next time!

Looking out the museum of modern art where we saw indigenous art and hard to believe exhibits, given us an idea to know about the city’s history and culture which is now disappeared somewhere.

A stroll from Coogee to Bondi beach was awesome as it takes you along an eye-catching bit of shores, with enormous red stone rocks stripy with a mixture of layer and with steamy plants hanging from them and turquoise blue rock pools beside the sea. At Bondi you can get some excellent fish and chip shop to enjoy seafood.

It is really a beautiful part of the world and we must plan to visit the city once in our lifetime. We all are truly enthralled by its beauty and looking for next free dates to book flight tickets for Sydney. It is a great holiday spot with lots of things to see and do.