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Add Brazzaville on your next vacation list

By Carlton Leisure - 31/01/2015


Founded in the 18th century on the Stanley Pool area of Congo River, “Brazza” has always been an important city for the Republic of the Congo which tempts and taunts from the other shore; though for travellers it is more laid-back and safer town. Presenting evidence of the war years, Brazzaville has a number of tourist attractions and is claimed by many travellers to being the most pleasant city in Central Africa.

Attractions to see

1)  Les Rapids – These smartly spread rapids on the Congo River at the outer edge of the town are where the Congo River gets spiteful. Board on the minibus to Pont Djoue from close to Centre Culturel Francais, travellers are allowed to watch the fast-moving water from the close by the bar site Touristique Les Rapides, but the best scene is at the opposite side, down the sandy path after the flyover. The major rapids themselves are flow out into the centre of the river and little difficult to see, but it looks imposing even from the distance.

2)  Basilique Sainte-Anne - This contemporary 1949 structure was the top accomplishment of French architect Roger Erell, who was called for combined Western architectural facts with limited structure ideas.

3)  Brazza Memorial - The dead body of Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza, who established the city, was back to Congo in 2006 and interred in this shiny monument. Visiting hours are more comfortable.

4)  Marche Total – City’s largest market, in Bacongo, offers all the fascinating things right from the scientific wonders, monkeys, caterpillars, to Congolese clothes and aphrodisiac attractions.

Getting around

There are no open transports in Brazzaville, but privately owned buses takes you around the capital often and are comparatively secure and inexpensive. Taxies are found all over the place in Brazzaville and they are a good deal. You will get taxies under very affordable rates.

Note- If you don’t know the name of the city then ask to locals, they will guide you and let you know how to reach there.

Getting there and away

By Plane – Brazzaville can be reached easily and there are flights from UK.

By Road – There is no direct bridge between Kinshasa and Brazzaville. If you want to hire a car around, it is likely to give added and go to enjoy a ride on the fairy tale journey.

By Boat – You can also travel to Brazzaville from Kinshasa via boat. Every Sunday the boat leaves for Brazzaville.

The city is well developed and blessed with some of the best attractions. It is the safe city to travel, but the infrastructure is basic. So many restaurants and hotels are being made to make your stay in Brazzaville comfortable and enjoyable.

If you are looking for a vacation in this city then book flight tickets to visit Brazzaville in advance and save yourself from the last minute of hassle. Visiting the city will be a great idea and you will come across with some unique attraction which will definitely make your time here amazing and memorable.