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Afghanistan – From Warzone to Worth Visiting

By Carlton Leisure - 26/08/2015


A recent media report says that travellers from the world are defying advices of their governments to visit Afghanistan. The threats of terror attack haven’t become a thing of past yet travellers are raring to explores this land which has always charmed travellers with its spectacular beauty and diverse terrain. The ongoing war has made it a favourite destination for warzone tourism. In recent few years, air ticket bookings for Kabul have increased significantly. Its great landscape, impressive history and hospitality with warmth leave an everlasting impression on travellers’ mind. Its cities are replete with historic landmarks. And those who have visited this country can say that Kabul may be the capital and largest city but Afghanistan is home to a number of interesting cities.


Kabul, the capital city of Afghanistan has braved decades of war. And you can find that war may have torn its body but its soul remains immortal. Currently, the city is under the process of reconstruction and renovation and these development efforts are bringing fruit. New housing block are coming up, modern shopping malls have made its presence and business activities are gaining momentum. This 4000 year old city seems to be resuming its former glory. However, great investment is required in its infrastructure. On their visit to the city that guests can explore the major tourist attractions that include Bagh-e Babu, Bagh-e Bala, Bagh-e Zanan, British Cemetery, Daoud Khan Memorial, National Museum of Afghanistan and National Gallery of Afghanistan among others.


Situated in North Western Afghanistan, Herat the second largest city in Afghanistan is also considered gateway to Iran. Some literature has also referred as Diamond of Asia. In its 3000 years of history, the city has been destroyed and rebuilt several times and it makes all the more important for a tourism perspective. It made some rapid developments in 1990’s under the rule of Ismail Khan before it was taken over by Taliban. The city is considered safer for travellers. During their trips to the city the visitors should explore The Friday Mosque, The Herat Citadel, Musalla Complex, Minarets of Sultan Baiqara and Gazar Gah which are major tourist’s attractions in the city.


Bamiyan which was once famous for its Grand Buddha statue is now a major destination for warzone tourism. This one of the most picturesque cities in the region features a mild climate round the year thanks to its altitudinal setting. The ruined Buddha is greatest draw card but Shahr-e Gholghola and Caves are other attractions worth visiting.

Mazar-e Sharif

Mazar-e Sharif the capital of Baikh province is one of the major cities in Afghanistan. Founded in 12th century the city is famous worldwide for its Blue Mosque. As per a legend local mullah dreamt that Ali bin Talib, the fourth caliph of Islam has been buried here. A shrine which was later built as Blue Mosqe built here and the town was settled around it. Shrine of Hazrat Ali and Ancient Greek relics are major draw cards.


An ancient city situated in North Afghanistan Baikh, commands a great historical importance. The city was the hub of Bactrian Empire. The city has been destroyed and rebuilt several times. On their visit to the city the guests can explore some of the most famous attractions that include Shrine of Khoja Abu Nasar Parsa, Dargah of Rabia Balkhi and Noh Gonbad (Haji piyada) mosque.

In addition to this Kandahar, Jalalabad and Kunduz are other major cities in Afghanistan.