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Alicante amazes with a combination of old and new

By Carlton Leisure - 30/11/2015


With presence of several resorts in vicinity Alicante a popular tourism destination in Spain draws many a visitor. This vibrant and dynamic city is an eclectic melange of old with new and traditional with modern. The city’s tourism options are boosted by magnificent castles, impressive old quarters, drools inducing dining options and exciting nightlife. Alicante comes alive on weekend when parties are held till early in the morning. In addition to these, the city has some museums art galleries and other places of tourist interest that inspire travellers to book flights to Alicante. For these travellers we have compiled a list of attractions and activities can be explored in Alicante.

San Juan Beach

Situated at distance of 6 miles from Alicante is one of the best beaches in Spain. The beach can be easily accessed by bus or tram. Its 4 miles long coastline offers travellers opportunity to indulge in various activities and be their own person. Situated near the beach are restaurants, nightlife venues and golf course where you can have great golfing experience.

Old Town Alicante

The visitors would come across a vast array of old buildings during visit to the old town of Alicante. The boundaries of old town are marked by the streets of Rambla de Méndez Núnez and Explanada de España, and Mount Benacantil. The area is dominated by the Castillo de Santa Bárbara. Roaming the old streets of the city would give you a feel of old world charm. On the way you will come across several tourists attractions that include the Gravina Museum of Fine Arts and the Museu de Arte del Siglo XX Asegurada.

Castillo de Santa Barbara

The palace was first built by the Carthaginians in 400 B.C. later Romans and Arabs made it more spectacular by adding drawbridges, battery, hospitals, dungeons, and more to it. It is no more in use and it is open for tourism only. Entry to this place is free but some facilities are chargeable.

Explanada de España

This marbled promenade is an ideal place for people watching. The promenade is made up of 6.5 million mosaic tiles. The promenade is lined with palm trees with benches beneath where guests can sit idle and have the fun of people watching. There are a good number of restaurants and nightclubs that can be visited.

Las Hogueras de San Juant

Those who want to understand this city better should go to visit Las Hogueras de San Juan (the Bonfires of Saint John) an annual event held in the last week of June. The event is marked by a huge parade with elaborate ninots (effigies), street parties, fireworks, a market and drinking. A good number of effigies are kept in Alicante's Museo de Fogueres which can be viewed for free. A large number of people fly to Alicante to between June 19 and 24 to take part in this festival.