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April~2014 Travel Tips

  • thumb-Ecuador-South-America
    Thunderous volcanoes on planet earth
    By Carlton Leisure - 30 Apr 2014
    The world is full of wonders and these volcanoes is one among them. They are active, impressive and dangerous but definitely worth seeing. So plan your holidays to conquer their heights....more
  • thumb-Dhaulagiri-peak
    Why climbing Mount Everest is an obsession
    By Carlton Leisure - 30 Apr 2014
    Mount Everest is one of the seven wonders on planet Earth which is a great fascination among mountaineers to reach it. It is one of the toughest expeditions in the world which is truly exhilarating....more
  • thumb-Flight-Attendant
    Jobs that enable you to see the world for free
    By Carlton Leisure - 30 Apr 2014
    Travelling broadens your horizon and gives a new viewpoint about the world but it also eats into your budget. Here’re some jobs that enable you see the world without spending a penny....more
  • thumb-Spa-Village-Swimming-Pool
    Rejuvenating Treatment at World’s Top Airport Spas
    By Carlton Leisure - 29 Apr 2014
    Air travel become hectic at times and if you are someone who find it hard to while away the time between connecting flights, then taking a rejuvenating spa therapy could be a great idea....more
  • thumb-lotus-temple-delhi
    Unusual and creative buildings around the world
    By Carlton Leisure - 29 Apr 2014
    The world is so full of natural as well as man-made wonders. Do visit these iconic buildings across the world and appreciate their beauty, creative sense and architectural splendor....more
  • thumb-Hangzhou-China
    Major Cultural Attractions in Beijing
    By Carlton Leisure - 29 Apr 2014
    Beijing, the capital of China, may have embraced modernity but it still lingers over its cultural attractions. Here we acquaint you with cultural sides of Chinese capital....more
  • thumb-basilica-Venice
    Places to Visit before they Vanish
    By Carlton Leisure - 28 Apr 2014
    Climatic changes and human greed has hugely affected the ecosystem and even popular tourist attractions are not exempted. Here we turn spotlight on tourist attractions that could vanish in future....more
  • thumb-Canmore-Alberta
    World’s Most Overlooked Eco-tourism Destinations
    By Carlton Leisure - 28 Apr 2014
    The ideal of holidaying in an eco-friendly destination is increasingly getting popular among vacationers as it enables them to come close to nature and enjoy the bounties of Mother Nature....more