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April~2015 Travel Tips

  • thumb-town-of-Copacabana-Bolivia
    Visit Cochabamba to see what your heart like
    By Carlton Leisure - 30 Apr 2015
    Cochabamba is one of the most visited places in Bolivia and offers you a variety of attractions to see and enjoy. If you are searching for the best place to travel, then plan here....more
  • thumb-metropolises-Prague
    Perfectly photograph villages to see in Prague
    By Carlton Leisure - 30 Apr 2015
    Prague is the most beautiful destination of Czech-republic and has some world’s most picturesque villages to explore and see. Just plan a vacation here and you will get plenty of memories....more
  • thumb-Balloon-ride-Rotterdam
    Plan a surprise trip for special one in Aalborg
    By Carlton Leisure - 29 Apr 2015
    Aalborg is a wonderful city in Denmark and always packed with national and International travellers. The city offers you lots of interesting things to see and do....more
  • thumb-bachelor-party
    Top destinations to host a bachelor party
    By Carlton Leisure - 29 Apr 2015
    Your marriage is on the cards and you are looking for a destination where you can throw a bachelor party with your pals. Here we help you find a great destination....more
  • thumb-Mendoza-Castle
    Things to see during your trip to Mendoza
    By Carlton Leisure - 28 Apr 2015
    Mendoza is a main city of Argentina and offers you wonderful things to explore during your tour. Plan a vacation here and discover everything that the city offers....more
  • thumb-Tua-Pek-Kong-Temple
    Kuantan excite your passion to explore its beauty
    By Carlton Leisure - 28 Apr 2015
    Kuantan is a contemporary city of Malaysia and offers you a great variety of options to make your holiday enjoyable. If you are looking for a great holiday then visit Kuantan....more
  • thumb-Church-in-the-City-of-Ilheus-Bahia
    Beaches in Ilheus: Pristine yet full of activities
    By Carlton Leisure - 27 Apr 2015
    Ilheus, a small town in Brazil’s Bahia province is well known for its spectacular beaches. Here we list some of the most prominent beaches exclusively for you....more
  • thumb-Temple-of-Xichan -Fuzhou
    Best attractions to see in Fuzhou
    By Carlton Leisure - 27 Apr 2015
    Fuzhou is the most amazing city of China and offers you a lot of things to see and enjoy. Plan a vacation in this city and enjoy every bit of your moment....more