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Attractions of Algiers recently found by tourists like you

By Carlton Leisure - 26/06/2015


Positioned in the Mediterranean and the steep, forested hills that form its backgrounds, Algiers in Algeria is the most amazing place to travel and enjoy its culture or history. The past influence of the city can be easily noticed through its structural designs, monuments, Moorish mosques, Ottoman style Palaces and the Kasbah, an elected world heritage place, to its amazing fortifications, French regal houses and contemporary boulevards. It is a house to lots of attractions, counting the great mosque, the National library, the Bardo Museum, Martyrs square and multiple monuments and forts.

The Casbah

It is the heart of the city and there are various beautiful Ottoman palaces to discover. The most brilliant is the Dar Hassan Pacha and above the median is the city's Citadel. It was closed for many years due to various renovations, so it is still possible to see its tedious exterior. The Casbah is amazing to stroll around these days, but keep yourself away from going there at night. Hiring a guide to your trip is a good idea.

Dar Hassan Pacha

The structure next to the Ketchoua Mosque was once an imperial mansion that holds its name on, Dar Hassan Pacha. It was given in a European-style face, with lines of big windows and balconies and a huge entrance. At the time of the occupation it played a great host during the tour of the Emperor Napoleon and Empress Eugenie in 1860. The house has gone through various renovations till now and perfect place for photography, containing wall tiles, ornate plasterwork, carved and decorated wood ceilings.

Djemaa el-Kebir

A few minutes from the Djemma el-Djedid, the Djemaa el-Kebir persist a custom that goes back to the early history of Algiers. Previously the Romans turned into a temple, later it was turned into a Christian Basilica. In the 11th century, this was later torn down and changed into Mosque. This minaret is very high carries inscription urging us to contemplate its beauty and the magnificent appearance of its crowns.

Palais des Rais

The palace is truly a row of various big waterfront houses, built to form an individual compound and now house to the centre Des Arts et de la Culture. The palace was started to build in 1750 and completed around 1798. The buildings are used as exhibition area for some outstanding shows, but much of entertainment is going inside a grand, Ottoman period mansion. The rooms of the mansions are rarely huge, occasionally elaborately decorated with tiles and painted ceilings.

The city never fails to impress travellers because it is filled with rare beauty and thrill. It is a fascinating place well worth at least a couple of day’s exploration. Book cheap flights to Algiers from London and discover its beauty.