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Beaches in Ilheus: Pristine yet full of activities

By Carlton Leisure - 27/04/2015


Vibrant, vivacious and full of natural and cultural attractions, Ilheus a city in Bahia province is best known for its beaches, cocoa and Jorge Amado. The noted writer spent his childhood here. A large number of his writing is set in place around the city that tells us about the golden age of the region. The city was nicknamed ‘black gold’ during its days of prosperity; thanks to cocoa production. Ilheus was one of the most prosperous cities in Brazil during 20th century but its prosperity received a huge blow when its cocoa plantation got affected by a disease known as "Vassoura de Bruxa" (Witch's Broom). Now with improved agricultural techniques, the city is once again on the path of development. Tourism is also getting popular with beaches playing major draw card and number of tourists flying to Ilheus is steadily on increase. Here we give a lowdown on its major beaches.

South Beaches

Beaches are major draw cards for the travellers visiting Ilheus. And tourists spare no opportunity to play in and around the ocean waves. In terms of beaches Ilheus offers you several options. Southern coast of Ilheus is home to some of the most spectacular beaches. Besides being attractive, the beaches are also lined with some of the most popular resorts in the city. Milionários named after Cocoa plantation owners is a prominent beach in the city which is popular among travellers for its genteel waves and soft sand. Black Door is another prominent beach in south which can be visited for a great surfing experience. The beach also play host to some tournament which is organised here from time to time. Batuba lined with coconut palms offers an ideal setting for surfing and partying. Canabrava which is situated at a distance of 14 miles from the city centre is ideal for family as waves are genteel. Acuipe with its soft sand, tranquil waves and coconut grooves is famous among visitors.

Central Beaches

Central Beaches may be situated near the city but these are far from being spoilt. It proximity to city make them ideal destinations for locals and foreigners alike. On any normal day you can see people walking the beaches and having quick snack at kiosk. Praia da Avenida has a cycle lane and efficient infrastructure. Praia do Cristo is an ideal place for windsurfing and other water sports. A statue inspired by Rio's Christ the Redeemer is also a major draw card here. The hundred meters long stretch of Praia da Concha offers a great view of the scenic surroundings.

North Beaches

While driving through Ilhéus-Itacaré Park Road you will come across some of most beautiful beaches. Marciano and Praia do Norte are well known for their excellent infrastructure. Ponta da Tulha, Mamoan, Ponta do Ramo, Barra do Sargi are other popular beaches in north Ilheus. Marciano is a hot favourite among travellers.