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Best attractions to see in Fuzhou

By Carlton Leisure - 27/04/2015

temple-of-xichan -fuzhou

Fuzhou is the capital and biggest city of Fujiyan. It is also a major transportation hub for southern China. Visiting the city will be a great idea and gives you a plenty of reasons to celebrate your leisure time.

Creative structures of Sanfang Qixiang and Zhuzi Workshop

This wonderful area will remind you the oldest Chinese buildings and both sides are packed with many shops and restaurants, selling traditional stuffs as well as local food. The structures were created to give you a touch of ancient creation. Apart from traditional food, you can also get modern cafeteria as an alternative. Spend some time, explore its surroundings and take some nice photos.

Xihu Park

The park is lovely, quiet and beautiful to visit. There is a lake in the park adjacent to pretty walk ways and gives you a wonderful views of the city. It gives you a lot of things to enjoy like be a part of music, enjoy boat ride, watch local people strolling and kids playing here and there. It is wonderful place to relax in the midst of green environment.

Linzexu Memorial

A monument to Lin Zexu a national hero built in 1982 and spread in 3,000 square meters. The main attractions under the monument are Yubei Pavilion, the Yimen Hall, Shude Hall, Quchi Building, the southern and northern reception rooms and Zhubai Study. The monument is one of the popular historical places under the guidance of Fujian region. It is a great place to know about the life of Lin Zexu.

Xichan Temple

Great place to enjoy the nature and see the temple. A number of turtles swimming under the waters, rest your appetite at a vegetarian restaurant located on the grounds. Placed in 40 square kilometres, the temple is situated on the west side of the city and surrounded by the Yi Mountain. The temple is very old and represents the ancient arts of the country.

Wuyi square

Whenever you are travelling to Fuzhou, China, leave plenty of time for sightseeing - you wouldn't want to miss out on top attractions like Wuyi Square! And prior to move, make sure to carry a Wuyi Square sightseeing Guide, cover all the things that you can experience here.

Pingtan Longfengtou Bathing Beach

Enjoy your swimming under the blue sky or simply take a walk along the waves of sea, a visit to this beach will bring you a great travel experience for you. Relax here for some time while watching the locals enjoying their evening walk, children playing on the beach and food stalls waiting to serve you the best seafood and traditional food. Must visit the beach to spend some time here!

Fuzhou is the most popular place in China in terms of travel and gives you a great holiday experience. So, book flight tickets to Fuzhou and embark on a journey to enjoy it.