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Bewitching Mexican Beaches

By Carlton Leisure - 08/10/2015


With a vast coastline, Mexico enjoys a wealth of beaches that are popular draw cards for this Central American country. There are beaches to fit the taste of different types of travellers; be it couples, family vacationers or adventure enthusiasts. For those who want to combine a beach vacation with urban comforts there are some beautiful resort towns along the Caribbean coasts that can be visited. Every year thousands of travellers fly to Mexico City which is the capital and jumping off point for several beaches in Mexico. Here we give a lowdown on top Mexican beaches.

Playa del Carmen

Situated along the Yucatán Peninsula, Playa de Carmen is a hot favourite among the sophisticated European travellers. The beachside lounges remain abuzz with travellers during the peak season. The hub of this area is El Zócalo which is at a walking distance from the beach. Situated in close proximity is Quinta Avenida where diverse eating options are available. The locals want their beach clean, so dorespect their love for cleanliness.


In recent years, Tulum has become a playground for luxury travellers. The place is frequented by the Yoga tourists. Situated on the east coast of Mexico, the place is highly admired by travellers as it offers much needed seclusion. The area also has some best preserved Mayan ruins that can be visited. The small beach has a great following. There are several archaeological ruins in the vicinity that can be visited.


Besides being a beach of great reputation Cancun can also be called a survivor. Stuck by Hurricane Wilma in 2005 which destroyed the region completely it has risen from its ashes to once again become a tourists favourite. In addition to its lovely coastline, the place also offers a great golfing experience and vibrant nightlife. This one of the much sought after destinations in western hemisphere remains abuzz with activity for most parts of the year.


Cozumel an important port of call for cruise ships is also a great destination for beach lovers. This 250-square-mile island on Yuctan peninsula looks beautiful with its turquoise waters and powdery beaches. Adding to the charm of beach vacation, there are beachfront shopping plazas from where memories can be bagged. During your stay in Cozumel stick to bottled mineral water only, as the water treatment system here is not efficient.

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta also called as Vallarta or simply put as PV still exudes a small town charm despite being visited by travellers from around the world. There is a vast array of dining and accommodation options that can be put to use while on a vacation. The place surrounded by the Banderas Bay and the palm tree-lined Sierra Madre Mountains looks like being carved out from the heaven. Excellent dining and nightlife options are available to entertain the taste buds of the visitors.


Acapulco enjoyed it heydays in 1950s much before the emergence of Cancun and Cabo on Mexico’s tourism horizon. Also called the "Pearl of the Pacific" the beach has been the proud host of the world renowned personalities like Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, and John F. Kennedy among others. The place has been filmed into some films and TV series. Later it lost appeal due to overcrowding and drug menace.