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Bogota: There is more to visit than city attractions

By Carlton Leisure - 18/08/2015


Visiting Bogota could be a great experience. The Colombian capital has developed fast in recent years making it difficult to be recognised by those who have not visited it recently. Infrastructure has changed for better, glass tinted climate controlled shopping malls have sprung and the city has warmly embraced modernity. Despite all these development the city has lost none of its seductive allures. Not a surprise, the travellers from around the world boards flights to Bogota to see the changed face of the city and explore its attractions. As much has been said and written about city attractions here we would like to take you on day trips from Bogota.

Zipaquira Salt Cathedral

Zipaquira Salt Cathedral is a fine specimen of hard work and devotion. The cathedral which is excavated from a salt mine is spread over an area of around 8000m². A large number of devotees and visitors visit this cathedral for its religious and architectural importance. Painted in different colours and adorned by stunning salt sculptures, the cathedral offers you a spectacular ambience you walk. The cathedral can be easily reached from Bogota.


Situated amidst verdant and rolling plains, Lake Guatavita is situated on the outskirts of Bogotá. It is the place from where legends of El Dorado originates. The place still commands a great historical importance. You can also visit the nearby village of Guatavita, which is resettled after old village was submerged in water.


The town of Suesca is situated at a short drive from the town and well known for its rock climbing and trekking options. This small mountain town look elegant with its beautiful, landscape and scenic Bogotá River. The city is considered the hub of Colombian rock climbing. The area is frequented by rock climbers from Indian and other parts of the world.

La Chorrera

The landscape of Colombia is studded with diverse attractions. La Chorrera, the tallest waterfall in the country is frequented by adventurers from the different parts of the world. The fall can be reached on foot as it is not far from the city. A lift is also available to take you to the other parts of the mountain, which is the first point to stop. A restaurant is situated here where you can get a meal and sufficient rest before heading for another half an hour trip that takes you to waterfall. From here you can get commanding view of the surroundings besides taking a glimpse of magnificent waterfalls. The water is very cold here so it takes heart to swim here.

Tierre Caliente

A trip to Tierre Caliente is also recommended where one can experience relatively warmer climate than chilly Bogota. There are a large number of places where one can sunbathe and swim. You can also go to the relatively small town of that offers magnificent view of the surroundings. The place is good to spend some moments amidst tranquillity.