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Chad is a destination for enthusiastic travellers

By Carlton Leisure - 30/12/2014


Simply put Chad is not a destination for weak hearted as tough climate and civil unrest taste your guts and patience. But once you brave these hurdles, there is an array of historical and natural allures to captivate you. The country doesn’t boast a great infrastructure but a visit will award you with several experiences. The summers are scorching hot while security condition is not dependable. For the seasoned travellers flying to N’Djamena here we give a brief account of major attraction in the country.

Zakouma National Park

Zakouma National Park can be considered a great success story for Chadian wildlife which got ravaged due to incessant poaching and long civil war. The park was rehabilitated by the Chadian government and the EU, keeping in view tourists market. And these rehabilitation efforts are evident in increased number of elephants, as well as giraffes, wildebeests, monkeys, lions. The guests can also spot several bird species there. One should plan trip during March and April when animals can be best seen.


The tourists visiting Chad should go to explore Ennedi desert which stuns travellers with its weird look. On their visit to the deserts, the guests would be able to see prehistoric cave paintings, slot canyons, desert lakes and some irregular rock formations. In addition the guests will also be able to see ancient sea arches and sand dunes among other things. One can also spot some form of wildlife that includes the Nile crocodile.

Chad National Museum

Situated in the capital city of N'Djamena Chad National Museum was established in 1962. At the time of establishment the museum had four rooms named Prehistory, Protohistory, Archives, Folk arts and crafts and tradition. Most of its artefact got lost due to instability in the country.

Tibesti Mountains

Situated in the extreme north of Chad a visit to Tibesti Mountains is dream of several mountaineers. And it awards travellers very well. On their visit, the travellers will come across several rock paintings and carving hidden among mountains. In fact mountains are a collection of huge dark volcanoes made up of lava and debris over millions of years.

Lake Chad

One of the major lakes in Africa Lake Chad has shrunk upto 95% in recent decades. But it still holds charm. The lake also holds great economic importance as it supplies waters to surrounding countries like Chad, Cameroon, Niger, and Nigeria. The lake and its surrounding areas are also well known for its flora and fauna.