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Cities known for their amazing architecture

By Carlton Leisure - 30/10/2014


Cities are known for their attractions, shopping options, nightlife, dining spaces and ease of getting around but there are few cities in the world which are famous for their magnificent buildings. These cities inspire travellers who have a liking for architectural marvels. Some of these cities are known for its classic ancient architecture, others for medieval architecture and rest for modern and post modern buildings. Here we glance at some of the top architectural cities in the world.


Dubai may not resemble Rome in terms of architectural marvels and it will be unfair to compare both these cities. This city in the UAE may not be homes to great architectural specimens but it is its volume that inspires travellers. The fast paced rebuilding of the city may have destroyed the old charm but addition of some world class skyscrapers and glittering malls make sure that no person with genuine interest in architecture can avoid a trip. Who can resist the charm of visiting Burj Khalifa and the manmade Palm Jumeirah islands? Travellers who have boarded flights to Dubai still remember its skyscraper shaped skyline.


Athens is best known for the architecture from the early days of Greek civilisation and the city has not lost its charm till date. On your visit you will see Greco-Roman columns of the Parthenon and its intricate interiors that will further make you stay here for long. But you can’t, as the city has more to explore. The city may boasts of its ancient attractions but it is not behind in embracing modernity and the guest can see specimens of its modern architecture in the forms of Academy of Athens and recently revamped Athens Olympic Stadium.


Although much has been added to Rome in terms of architecture but the city figures as one of the top cities in terms of architecture due to its ancient buidlings. Colosseum built in 72 AD is the finest specimens of Roman architecture. Vittoriano, Quirinal Palace, and Santa Maria are other building that best showcases the city’s architecture.


Situated on the banks of Lake Michigan, Chicago is beautifully adorned with magnificent buildings. Frank Lloyd Wright, Frank Gehry and some of the big names of architecture has contributed in construction of the city. The city has toyed with different ideas and it is Chicago School of architecture that paved way for the world’s first skyscraper.


The commercial and financial hub of China seems to have an obsession of construction and on their visit the travellers will be able to see several buildings with dizzying heights. The Pearl of the Orient TV Tower is one of the most prominent structures in city. Shanghai Tower which is expected to be completed in 2014 will be the second tallest building in China. In addition, the city has various remains of colonial and historic past.


Barcelona could be ideal destination to see works of famed architect Antoni Gaudi. La Pedrera with its impressive facade and mosaic is a fine specimen of Gaudi’s work while Park Güell (pictured) and Casa Batlló are other examples. Apart from Gaudi’s work, the city has also several buildings created by other architects that evoke interest.