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Cuiaba a modern and progressive city of Brazil

By Carlton Leisure - 29/05/2014


For the past 250 years, the capital state of Mato Grosso, Cuiaba stood quietly as a small city in the centre-western region of Brazil. But the scenario has changed promptly in 20th century when the federal government started an expansion plans which dramatically changed Cuiaba into a modern and progressive city of country and a privileged location for tourists. It boasts the massive presence of nature and countries most important and characteristic ecosystems, the savannahs of the Cerrado, the wetlands of Pantanal and the magnificent Amazon. It is no wonder that with such a massive presence of nature the city has been nicknamed as “Green City”.

Tourist attractions in Cuiaba are full of natural, cultural, architectural and historical attractions. Travellelrs from all corners of the world come here, visit it and return with satisfaction. Visitors who like to make a tour to this beautiful city should not miss these appealing attractions.

Gateway to Pantanal

Together with Campo Grande in the south, Cuiaba is the main gateway to the vast wilderness of the Pantanal. It is about 60 miles from Cuiaba and is one of the largest marshlands in the world and is very important ecosystem. The flat lands of Pantanal will flood in the wet season from November to March creating all kinds of habitats and moreover it is home to the largest concentration of species in the western hemisphere. The best time to enjoy its natural beauty is between May and September although whenever you visit it you’ll surely enjoy its special treats.

Magnificent museums

Cuiaba has an impressive list of museums that acquaint you about its culture and indigenous people that inhabit in the region. Some of its must see museums include Museu do Rio, Museu Rondon do India, Museu Historico, Museu do Pantanal, Museu do Coxipo etc.

Beautiful Parks

Cuiaba has got a nickname of “Green City” due to its abundance of natural beauty. There are various green areas and reserves in the city and its several parks are quite popular among locals as well as visitors. Don’t miss a visit to these impressive green carpets such as Parque Ze Bolo Flo, Parque Florestal de Cuiaba, Parque Municipal Lagoa Encantada, Parque Massairo Okamura etc are quite impressive and must visit.

Chapada dos Guimarães

This is a pleasant town in the northeast of Cuiaba is the second most popular eco destination of Mata Grosso after Pantanal. It offers a great weekend escape for Cuiabaianas so keep it in mind when visiting Cuiaba. It is an area of 500 million year old plateau and is spectacular for hiking options. Don’t miss out Mirante lookout not only for its great views but you are here right in the geographic heart of South America.

Splendid churches

The churches of Cuiaba are architecturally splendid and have unique past make up a great part of the history of this fascinating city. Among the most beautiful churches that you must visit on a trip to Cuiaba include Nossa Senhora do Rosario, Capela Sao Benedito, Cathedral Metropolitana Bascilica Senhor Bom Jesus de Cuiaba, Nossa Senhora de Bom Despacho etc that you must visit.