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Demystifying Mysterious Morocco

By Carlton Leisure - 21/07/2015


Raw energy, impressive history, spectacular landscape, rugged coastline and amalgamation of cultures - this description of Morocco may sound too flowery but even though not sufficient to describe Morocco’s tourism potentials. Nowhere on the planet will you find amazing contrasts like this. Where else on the earth will you find colourful medina ending into sparse Saharan deserts, or mighty Atlas Mountains sitting in complete harmony with oceans. Besotted by these allures, people often seek city breaks in Morocco where there is so much on offer.

Most of the travellers start their trip from Marrakech which is a popular tourist attraction and major city in the country. Casablanca, Fez and Tangier too have international airports to make tourists arrival easy. Marrakech which lies in the foothill of snow capped Atlas Mountains is one of the prime draw cards as it has several things to feed your senses. Its capital city Rabat is no less interesting as it is a hub of power and home to several interesting attractions. Fez, the formers capital of Morocco and one of the oldest cities in the world, is well known for its vivid allures. Casablanca, a city situated by seashore, is the place from where most of the travellers start their trip. And tourists get amazed to see its fine amalgamation of tradition and modernity. Apart from its historical allures the city is also well known for its modern shopping hubs and drool inducing dining spaces. The country is equally popular for its urban as well as natural allures.

Natural Draw Cards

Morocco is generously blessed with nature’s bounties that includes and mountains and desert. And the country gives an array of options to hike the Atlas Mountains or enjoy a safari in Saharan deserts. Its rugged coastline, spectacular waterfalls and green canopied hills give travellers enough reasons to explore them for few days.


The country may be taking a leap towards modernity but it has not done away with traditions. And during your visit you will come across the various traditions of Berbers, Arabs and Saharawis communities. Don’t get surprised on the sight of shopping malls comfortably situated in vicinity to mosques. So while most parts of the country are leapfrogging towards modernity you can still see the tribes braving the desert heat.

Ancient but still a favourite

On your trip to Morocco you will find that ancient doesn’t mean obscure as there are several ancient things which are still in demand. Due to presence of several ancient sites, a trip to Morocco is always in demand among travellers. A large number of its sites have been listed in Fez Medina that gives visitors an experience of the lifetime.

Active pursuit

While on a visit to Morocco, the guests have several things to indulge in and a large number of things to take part into. The adventurous souls can hike up to the largest peak of North Africa. But if adventure is not your cup of tea you can indulge in activities like camel trekking, visiting medina or even enjoy a shopping experience at its souqs. Every experience is unique in its own right.