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Easy Christmas Getaways from London: Top Trips within 3 Hours

By Carlton Leisure - 18/12/2015


The much awaited festival of Christmas is knocking at the door and preparations might be in last stage. Those working overseas are flying back to home to be with the family on this occasion and there is an air in of bonhomie in environment. When it comes to Christmas destinations, there is nothing like home. But some people think otherwise. They want to combine fun of festival with a visit to new location. With several beautiful Christmas destinations in proximity to London, the travellers have several options to choose from. Here we give a snippet of some of them.

# Prague (flight duration: 1h 30m)

Situated at one and half hour flight from London, the Czech capital Prague celebrates Christmas with glamour and grandeur. Its dramatic setting, magnificent architecture, scented mulled wine, leisurely walking treks and an array of shopping options makes Prague a destination like none other. During your Christmas vacation in Prague never miss an opportunity to visit the Old Town Square which is the oldest and most impressive structures in the city. But if you can’t make it to the square, visiting Wenceslas Square and Namesti Miru are no less. More than shopping options the small wooden huts are also filled with all sorts of festive goodies. You can buy craft items, Christmas tree ornaments and gorge on typical Czech cuisines. The city creates quite an energetic ambience with music and lights.

# Zagreb (flight duration: 2h 30m)

Board a two hours flight to arrive at Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. The city is increasingly becoming a destination to celebrate Christmas for people from the neighbouring countries. The city known for its laidback character comes alive in the evening when it hosts various themed programmes on the streets and squares around the city centre. During the festival, the environment of Zagreb becomes a thing which should be experienced. And you don’t have to wait for destinations to celebrate as there is an air of celebration in every nook and corners of the city. So go to the city streets and squares with your family and friend take part in singing, dancing, and other fun filled activities. After that, reward yourself with best traditional fares.

# Rome (flight duration: 2h)

A popular saying tells “all roads lead to Rome.” And it holds good when there is a festival like Christmas. Rome has been a Christmas destinations of repute for centuries and has not lost its charm even now. The revellers should go to Piazza Navona and Campo de Fiori where a large number of Christmas stalls are raring for your attention. Being situated at two and half hours flights from London also makes it highly a sought after destination for Brits.

# Copenhagen (flight duration: 2h)

With shining lights, bonhomie and cafes, the Danish capital unveils as a destination you would love to visit often. Copenhagen blends inventive design and legendary Danish friendliness to unveil as a perfect cut for charismas destination. Christmas markets adorned with tasteful decorations and beautiful lightings provide a magical setting for celebrations. Its amusement park which is considered oldest in the world get transformed into a winter wonderland with spectacular Christmas lights displays. The vacationers can explore its exciting rides, little stalls and savour on lip smacking delicacies. If want to see more colours of Christmas celebrations in Copenhagen then taking a stroll along the beautifully decorated Nyman waterfront district could be a great idea and explore the visit the interesting Christiana Christmas Market.

# Paris (flight duration: 1h 15m)

Paris the fashion capital of the world get more stylish during the Christmas when shops get jam-packed with goods, streets gets adorned with stylish lighting and restaurants serves best delicacies. The city monuments are tastefully illuminated and there is an air of festivities in the streets. The French capital has a vast array of experiences that includes open-air ice-rinks, merry-go-rounds, shows and and plethora of concerts. The city is also home to several traditional and popular Christmas markets that could be explored for explored for a great shopping experience. You can find a group of Christmas markets under Eifel Tower.

# Reykjavik (flight duration: 3h)

It may be a chilly during the months of of December but very few can resists the temptation of celebrating Christmas in in Reykjavik. The destination is particularly popular among the Brits who take three hours flight to reach there. The city celebrates a typical Yule Town Christmas and a follow all the treadions. While visiting its markets you will come across a large number of small hut shops which are selling things that you might like buying for souvenirs.