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Enchanting Entebbe and its top attractions

By Carlton Leisure - 20/11/2015


Situated on the shores of Lake Victoria in Central Uganda, the charming verdant town of Entebbe is one of the major hubs of trade, commerce and tourism in the country. It has every important feature of a big city minus chaos. Laidback, friendly and full of green open spaces, the destination called Entebbe fits the idea of an ideal travel destination. Presence of several points of interest also adds to its popularity. Being home to an international airport also adds to its popularity as it offers an easy gateway to several destinations in vicinity. Here we give a brief description of major things to do in and around Entebbe.

Chimpanzee Tracking

Chimpanzee Tracking is highly popular among the travellers and you can find several guides that will lead you to the habitat of Chimpanzee in the forests. Your guide will take you to the area where likelihood of finding a chimpanzee is the most. And if you are lucky you might spot the animal. An excellent opportunity of this kind waits at Ngamba island Chimpanzee Sanctuary which can be visited on a day trip from Entabbe.

Gorilla tracking

Tracking Mountain Gorilla could be one of the best wildlife experiences in Uganda. The task may be daunting but pleasure of tracking this animal could be incomparable.


Due to its location on the shores of Lake Victoria, Entebee is blessed with several powdery beaches that could be a perfect setting for a laidback vacation. Lido beach is one of the most popular beaches in Entebbe. Most of the beaches are parts of the hotels and resorts. While visiting the beaches tourists should refrain from swimming for the fear of bilharzias.


Travellers going to Entebbe can indulge in bird watching given wide opportunity available for it. The birders can go to visit botanical garden, forests and stretches along Lake Victoria that offers ample opportunities for it.

Uganda Reptile Village

Those nurturing love for reptiles will find Entebbe an ideal destination where they can go to visit Uganda Reptile Village that showcases several reptilian species that include Forest Cobra, Gaboon Viper, Mamba, Nile Monitor Lizard, Africa Rock Python, Nile crocodile, Tortoise and Jackson’s Chameleon etc. Besides being home to diverse reptilian species, the Reptilian village also works on the conservation of forests, swamps and water bodies in order to provide natural habitat to the reptiles. Seeing these reptiles eat their prey would be an experience in itself. In addition URV also provides safe shelter to reptiles in danger in different parts of Uganda. The village is situated 3km off the Entebbe – Kampala road and can be easily accessed from Entebbe.