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Explore intriguing cities of Iran

By Carlton Leisure - 09/11/2015


Magnificent architecture, great tradition, rich culture and diverse geography; Iran may not be getting much media attention but it hardly affects tourist footfalls to the country. The country fuelled with an oil economy is one of the most beautiful destinations in the region with rugged landscape, salt plains, deserts, beaches and several impressive mosques. Its great regard for culture has not hampered its cultural growth which can be understood with the emergence of Iranian cinema on world stage. Cumulative effort of all these things inspires travellers to book flight to Iran. If you are looking to visit this country an introduction to major cities in Iran could be very useful.


Tehran, the capital of Iran, is political and administrative hub and home to some 14 million people. The city has a small history, modern housing block and clogged streets that may dissuade you staying in the city for long. But if you leave the city you would be losing something as the city has a lot to experience and explore for the travellers. The city boasts a trendsetting fashion, great shopping options, world-class dining options, stylish cafes and several art galleries. The Iranian capital has a host of museums that can also be explored while on a tour to Tehran. Azadi Tower, Tehran City Theater, Treasury of the National Jewels, National Museum of Iran and Tehran City Theater are some of the major draw cards the city has on offer.


Considered as one of the oldest cities in the world, Hamedan surprisingly doesn’t have much remains of its historic past. A large part of the city has been given for excavation that might bring forth valuable details on its history. But still it has some good number of tourists attractions that can be explore. Avicenna (Abu Ali Sina) Ibn Sina mausoleum, Ali Sadr Cave, Baba Tahir Mausleum, Gonbad-e Alavian, Ganjnameh, Hamadan Stone Lion, Nazari House and Hamadan Museum of Natural History are major attractions.


Isfahan, the capital of Esfahan province is popular for its hand-painted tiling and magnificent public square. This beautiful town has served as the capital of Persia from 1598 to 1722. Once a hub of carpet industry, it is well known for its steel and textile mills. Its beautiful architecture, tree lined avenues, laidback lifestyle draws several travellers to the city. While in the city, there are a lot of tourist attractions that includes museums, churches, cathedrals, palaces and mosques. During your visit to the city the guests should buy Esfahan carpets, Miniatures and Khatam kari.


Qom is a holy city, situated at a distance from 120km from Tehran. The city has centuries of history behind it. Qom is famous for being the Fatima È Massummeh Shrine. Non Muslims are allowed entry to the place but they are not given entry into the holy shrine. Qom Handicraft Museum, National Kavir Park, Jamkaran Mosque, Mar'ashi Najafi Library, Shrine of Fatima-al-Massumeh and Howzeh lake are some of the major draw cards to the city.