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Find what you can see in Jeddah

By Carlton Leisure - 17/07/2015


Jeddah is filled with restaurants with virtually each culinary art possible and feeding out is an element of the city's culture. All the restaurants have individual parts for single men and for families. Dating is notionally prohibited but widely practiced and most restaurants let a couple into the family section. All businesses or offices close for prayer for about half an hour at noon and at dusk. If you love to eat early, you can often stay in restaurants at the time of the prayer time. Saudis people prefer to eat late, generally after the evening prayer. To try delicious dishes and have fun, Vertigo Cafe and Grille is one of the best American – Italian restaurants in Jeddah. They also offer Shisha and they play wonderful music.

The standard cheap meal is the Shawarma – huge layers of beef or chicken changing on a vertical spit. Very thin slices are cut off and presented with vegetables, garlic and sauce in pita bread. You can also get a few local shops to eat. Next thing that is very inexpensive is Homus, which is the paste of white chickpeas mixed with Olive oil and is very tasty. Visit the Pakistani region Kababish where you can find a group of shops and restaurants with very inexpensive rates. Mostly international fast food franchises can be observed in Jeddah.

Similar to Saudi Arabian cities, you are not going to get much nightlife rotating around alcohol in Jeddah, as Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country and alcohol is prohibited. What you should be able to get are Shisha cafes and a wide range of coffee shops for example – Vertigo, Java Lounge, Mugs & Beans, Starbucks, Costa Coffee and Second Cup. Non-alcoholic beer is present in restaurants as are non-alcoholic beer is served in restaurants along with other drinks.

Discovering the city with no certain plan can be one of the perfect ideas to get to know Jeddah and its oldest souks and markets. Winding through the narrow alleys of the Old city gives travellers an opportunity to impress the traditional styled structures, which are now safe, while a tour to one of Tahliya’s air conditioned malls is also a nice idea to cool down.

Most of the shopping malls carry internet cafes, coffee places and many more offers WiFi approach to clients. A flight to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia will give an idea about its history, culture and other things. This is the major commercial centre for the country and has been attracting business travellers as well as leisure travellers. You can visit once in your life as the city is a home to many beautiful buildings, attractions, beaches and others. The city is a big provider of non-oil related goods and other things!