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Gabon – A tranquil country with interesting contrasts

By Carlton Leisure - 30/12/2014


Situated on western Central Africa on equator, Gabon is a peaceful country that invites a large number of travellers for a safari experience. This one of the developing and traveller friendly destinations in Africa is increasingly getting travellers’ attention. Contrary to its neighbours with unstable law and order, the situation here is peaceful but due to underdeveloped infrastructure, the country is unable to make full use of its tourism potentials. Still thousands of tourists fly to Libreville which is gateway to several attractions in Gabon. Here we give a lowdown on top draw cards of the city.

Loango National Park

Admiringly called by a conservationist ‘Africa’s last Eden’, the place appears as a great painting of nature as its forests and savannah are beautifully crisscrossed by water streams where several species of creatures resides. The area has a high concentration of hippos but number of whales and dolphins are no less.

Ivindo National Park

One of the great destinations for ecotourism 3000-sq-m Ivindo National Park offers travellers a rare opportunity to see rare animals in their natural setting. The Bai that means a marshy clearing in local terms attracts several forest animals that include elephants, sitatungas, lowland gorillas, buffalo, monkeys and several bird species. Some excellent accommodation options are available for tourists visiting this park.


Libreville is the capital of Gabon where one third of countries populations resides. Fuelled by oil economy, the capital city looks different from other capitals of the region. Tree lined avenues, cobbled streets, chick restaurants and gated communities give you an impression of a European capital. If you are flying to Libreville don’t forget to visit its markets which are full of activity and energy. But tourists should take care of their budget as the city is little expensive.

Makokou & Kongou Falls

The country called Gabon is full of diversities and tourists can find all sorts of attractions here - National park, wildlife, cities and falls. The country may not be holding falls like Niagra and Victoria but it remains content with falls like Kongou, and Makokou. The guests can visit to the small capital of the Ogooué-Ivindo region which is gateway to these falls. The guests can go on various excursion trips from here.

Point Denis

Point Denis offers you a change from the hassles of capital city Libreville. A short boat ride from the capital takes you there where you find tranquil space free of traffic and crowd. Its miles long stretch of sand is lined with hotels giving you some quality accommodation options.

In short, Gabon might be small in size but not in terms of tourism opportunities.