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Get overwhelmed by stunning attraction in Tripoli

By Carlton Leisure - 29/07/2014


Tripoli, the capital of Libya wears many hats. The most prominent harbour and biggest city in the country is commercial hub of the region. It is the place where a common Libyan goes for education and employment. The Libyan capital has a charm which is a fusion of Mediterranean and Arabic-Islamic influences. An array of historical attractions that include Roman ruins and artefacts to the Ottoman-era medina give tourists a wide array of experiences.  So if you are flying to Tripoli for business or leisure then never miss an opportunity to explore its tourist attractions and indulges in activities which are specific to this city.

Old British Consulate

The Old British Consulate building is one of the most attractive landmarks in the city of Tripoli. Built in 1744, the building has served as the office of the British consul. Apart from using a diplomatic building, the consul's officials also used this building for the expeditions into the Sahara to look for profitable trade options. The building has also served as the refuge of diplomatic community in Tripoli.

Green Square

Green Square the hub of Tripoli is a destination you must pay a visit. The square was made after the revolution of 1969. It was expanded to ease the congestion of traffic. The square looks stunning during night when it is illuminated with artificial light. Also referred as Martyrs' Square the place is frequented by locals and foreigners alike.

House of Yusuf Karamanli

Situated south of the Roman Column Crossroads, the House of Yusuf Karamanli has a history that dates back to the 19th century and has served as the private residence of Tripoli's former ruler. In the courtyard there is a fountain in the centre, which is most beautiful in the medina and is surrounded by balconies. This historic house has been converted into museum with traditional bedroom, traditional clothing and the kitchen among popular exhibit. Weapons, period furniture and the beautiful 'dome's hall’ are other attractions you shouldn’t miss. Instructions are written in English and Italian.

Gurgi Mosque

Situated west of the Arch of Marcus Aurelius, Gurgi Mosque is situated west of the Arch of Marcus Aurelius. The mosque was built in the 19th century and was the last mosque in Libyan capital built by the Turks. The mosque interior is considered most beautiful in the city. Apart from being a place of worship the place looks stunning with imported marble pillars from Italy and ceramic tile work from Tunisia.

Apart from these, there are other attractions like Tripoli Zoo and Old French Consulate that are worth visiting. So plan a trip and explore various allures of the city.