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Hidden carrier benefits of travel

By Carlton Leisure - 27/10/2014


A large number of professionals plan vacations to get a break from their routine life and get rejuvenated. While rejuvenating effect of travel can’t be undermined, it also contributes to social and professional skills of the individuals. Exploring new territories, snacking on unfamiliar delicacies and being informal with new people may be a great stress buster but it’s more than its visible benefits. Its helps you learn new skills, learning new languages and breaking ice with people in no time. Additionally it also makes tolerant to cultures different from ours. Here we turn spotlight on some of the hidden advantages of travel.

Manage time effectively

Travel teaches you how to manage your time as to be a good traveller you have to priorities things- which destination to visit and which left unexplored and how much time should be allotted to a particular destination. Poor planners can’t enjoy their trip better. The skills learnt could be very effective in your carrier. Your priorities regarding indoor and outdoor activities will help you maintain better work life balance.

Improve social skills

Exploring unfamiliar territories and meeting new people helps improve your social skills. The skill helps you work with people from different social backgrounds, knowing their culture and learn their likes and dislikes. Being abreast of local customs helps business people set up new business in a new territory. Your trip to a new place also gives you an understating of local languages their culture norms and values.

Acquire new language skills

If you are taking a long vacation to a new destination you will unknowingly acquire some language skills of the locals. Say if you have stayed for two months in Spain and acquired basis language skills the experience may be helpful for a job with international nature. As economies are getting global and MNC’s are a part of corporate culture having an understanding of different languages could prove beneficial for you. With new language skills you will settle down fast in a foreign territory.

Team Spirit

Meeting new people and calling them for help is instrumental in forging a team spirit. As a part of our travel we sometime need to travel with fellow travellers that help in burden sharing and doing different tasks. As no single person is able to do all the things, the efforts made by each individual work wonders for the team. The experience helps you be a part of a team and work for a common goal.

Stress Management

Stress is a part of working life as professionals keep working hard to achieve new goals. But this stress takes a toll on our day to day life. Stress affects the persons who fear stepping out of their comfort zones. And during travel we have to exactly do the same as we have to arrange for flights ticket and also face last minute cancellation. Travelling teaches you to manage the stress with cool head which also helps in our work life.

Decision Making

Taking different decision as a part of your travel put your decision making ability on test. Where to go for a city break? Whether fly into business class or economy? Whether stay in a luxurious hotel or stay in a simple one? All these things require a balanced approach. And challenges at work are no different where we have to make difficult decisions.

In addition to that adaptability and putting asides trivial issues are other things you can learn as a traveller.