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July~2014 Travel Tips

  • thumb-Ho-Chi-Minh-Mausoleum
    Ho Chi Minh City is a history and culture buffs’ delight
    By Carlton Leisure - 31 Jul 2014
    Ho Chi Minh City is considered the steam engine of development of Vietnam. But more than its commercial success, the city is known for its historical and cultural attractions....more
  • thumb-dragon-boats-Love-River-in-Kaohsiung
    Kaohsiung is a beautiful destination, not just an industr...
    By Carlton Leisure - 31 Jul 2014
    Once an industrial town, Kaohsiung is a tourist destination with great infrastructure, several skyscrapers and excellent shopping hubs. Here we turn spotlight on major attractions in the city....more
  • thumb-Emperor-palace-at-Seoul
    There is more to do in Seoul than you imagine
    By Carlton Leisure - 31 Jul 2014
    Seoul is political, commercial, cultural and educations hub of South Korea. Here we deliberate on attractions that draw tourists to this city....more
  • thumb-Panorama-of-the-old-Lisbon
    Surrender to irresistible allures of Lisbon
    By Carlton Leisure - 30 Jul 2014
    Great colonialist history, magnificent architecture and envying culture, Lisbon, the capital of Portugal is a destination you can feel nostalgic about. Here is why....more
  • thumb-Shwedagon-Paya-at-twilight
    Yangon - A city frozen in time
    By Carlton Leisure - 30 Jul 2014
    Yangon the erstwhile capital of Myanmar is a charming destination with several medieval and colonial allures and natural attraction. Here we acquaint you to some of them....more
  • thumb-That-El-Emad-Towers-Tripoli
    Get overwhelmed by stunning attraction in Tripoli
    By Carlton Leisure - 29 Jul 2014
    Tripoli the capital and largest city of Libya has something for tourists with varying interest. Here we list few of these attractions....more
  • thumb-Addis-Ababa-capital
    Addis Ababa is a fascinating mix of tradition and modernity
    By Carlton Leisure - 29 Jul 2014
    Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital is a fascinating mix of history and mystery and tradition with modernity. Here we try to unveil this city before you....more
  • thumb-Badshahi-mosque-in-Lahore
    Lahore is an irresistible destination
    By Carlton Leisure - 29 Jul 2014
    Lahore is intriguing and when you find that you have discovered it well, then you find there is something missing. The city rules the roost despite not being the capital....more