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Kabul and other major cities in Afghanistan

By Carlton Leisure - 30/12/2015


Most of the travellers visiting Afghanistan arrive in Kabul, as it is the biggest city, capital and gateway to Afghanistan. As a beginning of their journey they visit city and explore its various draw cards. The capital of Afghanistan has endured several wars and if remains of war makes a tourists destination Kabul has it several in numbers. But one must salute courage and perseverance of its citizens who have once again taken the herculean task of building this city from scratch. And there efforts, support from international community and work from some international agencies have helped Kabul fighting the blues and once again emerge victorious. The city may have lost several of its tourist’s attraction to war but all is not lost for those visiting the city. The city has several draw cards to engage travellers for few days. Bagh-e Babur or Gardens of Babur that surround the tomb of the first Mughal Emperor Babur is one of the major attractions while Bagh-e Bala a 19th century structure which served as a summer palace for Amir Abdur Rahman is also popular among the travellers. Bagh-e Zanana or Family Park a park and market for females only was designed as a marketplace for the women by the women is worth exploring by the female travellers. British Cemetery which is a burial ground for the foreigners is also worth visiting. Darul Aman Palace situated at the end of Daral Aman road, south of the city, next to the Kabul museum was destroyed and rebuilt several times is an attraction you will love to visit often. If you want to explore the wildlife of Kabul then Kabul Zoo with its good collection of animals is an animal lover’s delight. Though the zoo is not in good condition but it is worth a visit. The museums and art lovers should seek solace in National Museum of Afghanistan and National Gallery of Afghanistan respectively.


Balkh an ancient city in the north is synonymous to impressive history. The city is supposed to be hub of the Bactrian Empire, even before the arrival of Alexander the Great. The city was destroyed several times by the invaders likes Ghengis Khan and Timur-i-lang. The town is surrounded by the ancient fortification that makes it further interesting. While in the city don’t give a miss to attractions like Shrine of Khoja Abu Nasar Parsa, Dargah of Rabia Balkhi and Noh Gonbad (Haji piyada) mosque.


Buddha impresses, even with its destroyed statue. And those going to Bamiyan should to the site where one of largest rock cut Buddha statue was situated. This one of the greatest world wonders was destroyed by Taliban in a heinous act of cultural vandalism.

Depending upon time and interest the tourists should go to visit towns like Ghazni, Herat, Jalalabad, Kandahar and Kunduz which are other major cities.