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Khartoum is a small city with big attractions

By Carlton Leisure - 29/08/2014


Situated at the confluence of Blue and White Niles, Khartoum enjoys a location very few cities in the world are enjoying. This huge metropolis is complete turnaround from the people’s perceptions about the sundaes capital. Yes, the city has its share of problems pertaining to law and order but avoid its troubled parts and you will be amazed to explore city which is a fine amalgamation of tradition and modernity. As your Khartoum flight prepares for landing at city’s airport you will be amazed to see the changing face of the where several skyscraper are dotting its landscape and several other are under construction. This city with laidback ambience hospitable population is a place that has enough attractions to cater tourists with varying whim and fancy.


The Sudanese capital is home to several museums that are visited by travellers for their vast collections. National Museum, the largest museum in the country houses several breathtaking exhibits. On the ground floor you can see exhibits related to the rise and fall of the kingdoms of Kerma, Kush and Meroe. The visitors will also see several s medieval Christian frescoes on their visit to this museum.

The Ethnographical Museum is another attraction tourists should plan a visit to. The museum houses a small yet impressive collection of tribal artefacts from across the country. Exhibits are arranged according to the region.

The visit should also go to visit Sudan Presidential Palace Museum situated in the grounds of the Presidential Palace. The museum housed in the old Palace Cathedral exhibits several artefacts related to administrative and modern political history of the country.

Confluence of the Blue and White Nile

If you’re in the pink of your health then you can plan a trip to the confluence of the two branches of the Nile. You can reach there by walking 3-4km from the Presidential Palace. The place is referred as Al-Mogran and it can be best viewed from metal bridge connecting Khartoum and Omdurman or Al-Mogran Family Park.

Souq Arabi

If you want to see real colours of Khartoum you should not miss a visit to Souq Arabi. This commercial heart of the city remains abuzz with activities throughout the day. This large market is situated south of the Great Mosque and offers an opportunity to have a peek into the day to day life of the common city dwellers.

Souq Omdurman

The city of Khartoum consists of three parts - Khartoum, Khartoum North or Bahri, and Omdurman) and Souq Omdurman is situated in Omdurman. It is considered one of the largest markets in Africa. Most of the tourists visiting this place do not forget to buy handicrafts from here.