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Kingston engulfs you with its ethnicity and surroundings

By Carlton Leisure - 31/12/2014


Being a capital of Jamaica, Kingston is a cosmopolitan of one-of-a-kind with an exotic forest, bursting with sunshine, half-thriving business, beautiful market place and surprising travel destinations. With a plenty to see and do, Kingston is a great place on the Island of all right.

From the unbelievable colonial architecture, the lively street culture and the realism of the people, come and be a part of this wonderful capital city of Jamaica.

Enjoy the tourist attractions like – Ananse Sound, Splash: Annual storytelling conference and festival held across the Island of Jamaica.

Blue Mountain Peak- This is the highest peak in the country with a height of 7,402 feet.

Bob Marley Museum- The museum is dedicated to the popular superstar “Bob Marley”.

Castleton Gardens- This the oldest botanical garden opened in 1862.

Devon house heritage site- Built in 1891, this was the home of Zamaica’s first millionaire.

Grosvenor Galleries- The Gallery is a center of paintings, sculptures and drawings.

Hope Zoo- The Zoo offers you a wide range of wild animals right from Lions, mongoose to colorful birds.

Jamaica Cultural Enterprises- offers cultural experiences of the country.

What to do in Kingston

Kingston has a cultural diversity in the Island. From years old, buildings to modern life, the city is filled with action, beauty and the spirit. Here is what you can do in Kingston-

A-Bar Restaurant and Lounge- It is a great place to mingle or hang out with your friends.

Blue Mountain Music Festival- The two day festival is a great occasion to experience the culture where music meets food, arts, crafts and others.

Bookland- A gallery of all kinds of books right from romance, fiction-non fiction, suspense, drama and many more. You can get the book of all the International authors.

Deli Works- Situated in the sovereign market, Deli Works offers you a wide taste of cheese and hot meals.

Where to book your room

From cosmopolitan hotels to easy access lodgings, Kingston is best for a newly wed couple, family finding for a beach excursion, friends wants to chill out between nature. The city has everything.

How to visit the city

By Air- Norman Manley International Airport, located in the southeastern part of the Island is served by the British Airways. There are taxi vans and buses between the airport and town.

By Car- There are many agencies who offer car rental services to roam around the city. Always remember to drive on the left.

By Bus- Kingston has an extensive and modern bus service. There are also minibuses and route taxis which are very affordable. Whenever in confusion, ask a fellow passenger or bus driver how to reach the place or where to board a certain bus; they are commonly supportive.

Kingston is situated on the southern shoreline of the country and the biggest commercial and cultural hub. It is a good city and especially known for its wonderful natural charms. We would definitely suggest you to visit this fascinating location to enjoy your precious moments.