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Kuantan excite your passion to explore its beauty

By Carlton Leisure - 28/04/2015


The major city of Pahang, Kuantan is the financial centre for the east coast of the peninsula. Speedily growing into a business hub, the city is an audacious, awe-inspiring and enlivening steamy holiday spot along with unique age-old charm and heritage. The city has extended extremely in recent times and now it looks new.

You can get fascinating proof of the distinguish Malaysian cultures, manifested in the customs, clothes, food, art forums, sport and carnivals of a variety of contests can be got here in Kuantan. The mosque of the city with distinctive dome and minarets in a pastel shade of sky blue and mint green stands in the middle of the city as a testament. Within a few minutes of walk, Jalan Mahkota is a popular place that boasts East Coast mall, Berjaya Megamall and Centre point, modern shopping, and office complexes. As well the colonial – styled courthouse, Heroes Museum, the office of Pahang tourism at Jalan Masjid and the post office tells of an imperialism era, long gone but not forgotten.

Take a walk down Jalan Besar to the Esplanade and soothe your mind while enjoying the scenic Kuantan River cruise through the wonderful view of Mangrove forest reserve that stretches along the Kuantan River. From the silent loneliness of sunrise to the mysterious glow of the sunset that paints the view with diverse shades of colors. The city has best atmosphere for romance, rest and family bonding. To really feel all that Kuantan has to offer, must visit the following places:

Cave & waterfall exploration

Bukit Charas is a massive sandstone outcrop positioned in the north part of Kuantan, high above rubber and palm oil plantations. A short climb can give an opportunity to experience an eye-catching waterfall with a sequence of 8 cascades flowing into a stimulating pool.

Turtle and Pearl Night

If you are a wildlife lover, then turtle watching is a great feeling in the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Every year in the month of May and September, massive green turtles come on shore to put down their eggs. Seeing it will be a wonderful activity that can’t be missed.

Cherating Firefly Wonders

Cruise through the mangrove wizened river and watch fireflies moving here and there to light up the darkness. It gives you a captivating feeling that is truly not to be missed. The place has also nice setting and presents you a relaxing environment to relax in the midst of greenery.

Cherating Cultural Village

Visit this beautiful village to travel and see how the villagers managing their life, seafood are traditional cuisines and generally used into local food. Even, they use salted dried fish to sell in local markets. Catch some beautiful photographs of surroundings.

There are a plenty of things to see in Kuantan, so find flights arriving in Kuantan, Malaysia and book your tickets to enjoy your vacation.