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Lahore is an irresistible destination

By Carlton Leisure - 29/07/2014


Lahore may not be the capital of Pakistan but it is arguably the most important city in this Asian country. This important cultural, intellectual and artistic hub make sure that travellers boarding return flights to Pakistan never leave without having a visit to Lahore. With several Mughal monuments, impressive colonial buildings, beautiful gardens and great food Lahore well justifies its nickname ‘the Pearl of the Punjab’. As a city Lahore is so loved by people that a poet went on saying, "Jis Lahore ni dekhya, o jammya hi nai (One who hasn't seen Lahore hasn't been born)." Not a surprise, travellers keep flying to Lahore to see this city in its original hues. Here we suggest some of the biggest draw cards of the city.

Lahore Fort

Lahore Fort is one of the major attractions in the Old city. The fort has seen several ups and downs in its journey so far. It has been damaged and demolished several times and restored each time. The historic fort was given its present form by Emperor Akbar when he made Lahore his capital. There are palaces, forts halls and gardens situated inside.

Badshahi Mosque

Situated opposite the Lahore Fort Badshahi Mosque is again an architectural marvel from the Mughals. This one of the largest mosques in the world features huge gateways, four tapering minarets of red sandstone and three vast marble domes. Its courtyard has capacity to accommodate no less than 100,000 people. The building that was once damaged by British has been restored to its former glory.

Jehangir's Tomb

As a city Lahore holds a vast array of attractions and Jehangir's Tomb is one such attraction from its vast treasure trove. This well adorned sandstone structure is final resting place of Emperor Jehangir. This magnificent structure was built in 1637 by Shah Jahan, son of Jehangir.


Minar-e-Pakistan is also referred as the Eiffel Tower of Pakistan by some. The monument stays at the site where in 1940 the creation of Pakistan was recognized. The monument is surrounded by a park that makes for a good visit.

The Anarkali bazaar

The Anarkali bazaar has become inseparable part of Lahore and any tourist who has visited the area can vouch for that. Named after a courtesan - who was buried alive for loving a prince - the place is excellent hub of shopping and dining. The food market remains open till late night where scrumptious delicacies are served under the open sky.

Lahore Museum

Keep some time reserved for a visit to the magnificent Lahore Museum, which stores amazing exhibits. The museum showcases recorded history of the subcontinent. A large chunk of exhibits were shifted to India but museum has still a large array of things to explore.