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May~2016 Travel Tips

  • thumb-The-Vienna-festival
    Other than Hollywood, top countries with booming movie in...
    By Carlton Leisure - 28 May 2016
    Hollywood in America has become synonymous with film industry but movie industries of other industry are no less important. Here is how....more
  • thumb-miami-beach-florida
    Top beach destination to visit in America
    By Carlton Leisure - 27 May 2016
    Are you planning a trip to America and want to explore its spectacular coastline? Check out these beaches which are known for offering exciting experiences....more
  • thumb-Alaska-Cruise
    World’s Top Remote Yet Beautiful Destinations
    By Carlton Leisure - 27 May 2016
    Who do people travel to remote destinations? There is something that attracts them these destinations. Here we give a lowdown on remote yet beautiful destinations....more
  • thumb-Cherry-Blossom-Viewing
    Festivals in Japan give a slice of its cultural life
    By Carlton Leisure - 26 May 2016
    The history and culture of Japan is best showcased during festivals. Here we give a brief description of its popular festivals....more
  • thumb-book-fold-illustration
    Top Italian renaissance cities parents should take their ...
    By Carlton Leisure - 26 May 2016
    Want to take your children to Italy tours where you can acquaint them with famous renaissance artworks? Here we give a lowdown on top renaissance destinations in Italy....more
  • thumb-Copenhagen-Nyhavn
    Top holiday destinations to visit in June
    By Carlton Leisure - 25 May 2016
    Planning a trip next month and thinking over top destinations to visit? Check out these destinations before making arrangements....more
  • thumb-Cape-Town-South-Africa
    World’s Top Destinations to Paraglide
    By Carlton Leisure - 24 May 2016
    Are you a paragliding enthusiast looking for new destinations? Here we give a brief description of top paragliding destinations in the world....more
  • thumb-bungee-jumping-Kawarau-bridge
    Top places in the world every bungee jumper would love to go
    By Carlton Leisure - 23 May 2016
    Are you a bungee jumping enthusiast looking for impressive bungee jumping destinations in the world? Here we give a brief description on top bungee jumps in the world....more