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Most alluring beaches of Dubai

By Carlton Leisure - 28/05/2014


If you are looking for a perfect beach holidays full of energetic atmosphere, crowded with people playing beach games, picnicking, swimming or just strolling to absorb all the action, then beaches of Dubai are perfect for you. Beaches over here are always buzzing with activities and colorful atmosphere. Many famous beaches of Dubai are accessible to guests only and to visit them they have to pay a hefty day fee. But there are few beaches which are either free or charge a small fee but offer its visitors decent facilities to enjoy a great holiday trip. Most of these beaches are family- friendly and some even have women and children only days as well.

Jumeirah Beach

Running along the scenic Jumeirah Beach road, located next to Hilton Beach Club, Jumeirah Beach is the most popular beach of Dubai. Awarded with blue flag beach status, it is about one kilometer long stretch of golden sand, grassy areas and palm trees flanked by hotels, resorts and beach clubs. On either side of beach there are cafes, showers and life guard is on duty. It is an ideal place for walking, sunbathing, swimming, strolling, playing volleyball or enjoying spectacular views of Burj Al Arab Hotel. You have to pay a nominal fee to get access to this beach.

Mamzer Beach

The massive and beautiful Mamzer beach has been awarded blue flag beach status making it one of the most desirable beaches to visit on Dubai beach holidays. It has 5 beaches in coves around the coast of the park and is very popular among locals as well as tourists. Each beach has sheltered areas, changing rooms, shower facilities etc. You can even rent sun loungers and umbrellas to enjoy some leisure time and sunbathing. Those who don’t want to venture to the sea they can enjoy swimming at two very large swimming pools as well. For visitors there are lifeguards on duty with flag warning system that one has to follow.

Russian Beach

Russian Beach also known as the Open Beach or Jumeirah Open Beach is free to use. It is located just after the Palm Strip Mall at the lower end of Beach Road opposite to Burj Al Arab. It got its name as Russian Beach because of its popularity with Russian tourists. The stretch of white sand is paralleled by a paved path which is quite popular with strollers, joggers, cyclists and skaters. It doesn’t have many facilities but there are showers, kiosks, and cafes for visitors. On Fridays it teems with off duty male guest workers so if you are a solo lady then prefer to go to Jumeirah Beach Park to avoid any inconveniences.

Kite Beach

Also known as Wollongong Beach, it is the place where kite surfers congregate and enjoy kite flying. It is great fun to watch them or to fly a kite yourself. It is a long pristine stretch of sand with zero facilities. So you have to bring your snacks, water etc with you. It is a great place for relaxation, sunbathing, and long walks or to catch the glimpses of Burj Al Arab.

Hidden Beach

This beautiful beach sits on a picturesque nook that extend out from the left-hand side of the Sheraton Hotel at the very end of JBR. It is protected by a rocky breakwater wall and thus it is best for families with young children, couples or anyone who wants to dip in calmer waters. The beach is quite clean but there are no lifeguards, showers, eateries and you can even drive your car straight up to the shore and thus you don’t need to put your belongings far away.

JBR Beach

JBR is among the best beaches of Dubai free to enter, open all the days and above all very peaceful. It is located on the coast next to Jumeirah Beach Resort. It is very peaceful, clean with calm water. Sunset visuals are heavenly over here and if you are a solo lady traveller then even no one can disturb you. It has showers, green patches for people get together and you can indulge in various beach site activities as well.