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Most well-planned cities in the world

By Carlton Leisure - 06/07/2016


Living in a well planned city is an experience in itself. Well laid roads, residential hubs with great connectivity, verdant greenery between housing blocks, strategically planned markets and great connectivity between city center and commuter zones; city planners have made efforts to make inhabitants life easy. Here we a give a brief description of top well planned cities in the world.

Singapore city, Singapore

From being a mere stopover, Singapore has gone a long way to emerge as a world class city. And those who have visited the city in recent few decades won’t stop raving about its excellent zonal layout. Most of the civic institutions are located along the north bank of the Singapore River and the main commercial hubs are situated on the south bank. Apart from that the city has a grid like pattern that makes commuting between these Central Business District and inhabitant zones easy.

Washington DC, USA

One of the most beautifully planned cities in the world, Washington, D.C. was designed by Pierre Charles L'Enfant, a French-born architect and city planner who was roped in by President Washington. And he did the task beautifully keeping large green open spaces in between the housing blocks.

Seoul, South Korea

The emergence of South Korea as one of the most planned cities in the world has hardly surprised anyone. The political and cultural hub of South Korea is beautifully adorned with impressive architecture. And with the 2030 Seoul Plan the city’s landscape will only change for better.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, enjoys a five finger concept. And those who have taken a flight to Copenhagen would certainly vouch for its excellent city planning. Guided by regional planning bodies the urban area located at regional corridors with excellent transit routes. The urban areas appear like fingers protruding from central core. The spaces between urban corridors are filled with greenery.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The architecture of Netherlands is a mix of historic and modern buildings. The city is planned in a way that historic block don’t appear like cramped. Its excellent canal system creates enough open spaces besides adding to its beauty.

Paris, France

When it comes to city planning, Paris could be an inspiration for city planners. And the credit to the renovation of the city should be given to Haussmann. He was instrumental in city’s transformation as a beautiful city. He introduced a vast network of sewer system, spacious boulevards and gas lighting system for the paths. He also introduced symmetrical road and a uniform façade code for city buildings.

Chandigarh, India

Chandigarh the first planned city in India came into existence after independence. Planned by noted architect Le Corbusier the city emerged as one of the most beautifully planned cities in the world. Based on a grid-iron plan he designed the city so that it can meet all the requirements of modern living. Pedestrian walkways, greenery and space for all the leisure and business activities were provided in Chandigarh city plan.