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Museums in Vietnam offer a glimpse of history and culture

By Carlton Leisure - 26/11/2014


Known for its beautiful cities, rich biodiversity, dramatic landscape and troubled history, Vietnam attracts a large number of travellers with varying interest. This home to one of the friendliest population on earth is a place often frequented by tourists for varied reasons. In recent decades, the culture buffs arrival to this country has increased manifolds; thanks to its several museums. Tourists often fly to Vietnam to explore its artefact rich museums that offers insight into the history and culture of the country. Here we acquaint you with some of the famous museums in Vietnam.

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

Situated in Hanoi the museum showcases the cultural heritage of 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam. On their arrival, the tourist will be able to see an indoor exhibition showcasing a large collection of photographs and artefacts. The museum showcases clothing, jewellery, weapons, instruments, and other cultural artefacts. Traverse through its winding pathways where you will be able to see 18 replicas of life-size tombs, boats, and traditional Vietnamese homes.

War Remnants Museum (Ho Chi Minh City)

War Remnants Museum, also referred as the Museum of American War Crimes, gives a peek into the Vietnam's war torn history. The museums document the history of Vietnam during war period. On their arrival the guest will see insightful exhibits. A large number of tourists come to see the brutality of wars. The guests can also see US armoured vehicles, artillery pieces, bombs and infantry weapon which are on display here.

The Cham Museum (Danang)

This open air museum is known for housing the largest collection of Cham sculpture in the world. The visitors will also be able to see 300-plus Hindu-inspired carvings which are nothing short of a visual delight. Shiva Lingam and the statue of Garuda are main attractions.

Vietnam Fine Arts Museum (Hanoi)

Situated in Hanoi, Vietnam Fine Arts Museum is a great place to see country’s fine arts collection through various periods. Much of the art displays are of 20th century based on the folk narratives of war. Most of the exhibits have martyrdom, patriotism and military strategy as theme.

Ho Chi Minh Museum (Hanoi)

Built in 1990s, Ho Chi Minh Museum is dedicated to the late Vietnamese leader Ho Chi Minh and his visionary leadership towards defence and growth of Vietnam.

These museums give a great understanding of ethnicity, history, war and art and culture of Vietnam. On your next visit include these museums in your itinerary to enrich yourself in terms of knowledge and experience.