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November~2014 Travel Tips

  • thumb-Vietnam-Wat-Sisaket
    Museums in Vietnam offer a glimpse of history and culture
    By Carlton Leisure - 26 Nov 2014
    Museums are great places to see art, culture, history and ethnicity of a country or a region and Vietnam is no exception. Here we turn spotlight on major museums in Vietnam....more
  • thumb-statue-of-Buddha-Sri-lanka
    Explore cultural heritage of Sri Lanka
    By Carlton Leisure - 25 Nov 2014
    Despite being small in size the island country of Sri Lanka is home to several heritage sites. Here we acquaint you with some of the most popular sites in the country....more
  • thumb-Color-Castle-Portugal
    Delve deep into Portuguese history with a visit to museum...
    By Carlton Leisure - 24 Nov 2014
    One of the major capitals in Portugal, Lisbon is a fine combination of tradition, culture and modernity. Here we give brief information on major museums in Lisbon....more
  • thumb-Berlin-Oberbaumbridge
    Explore history and art at museums in Berlin
    By Carlton Leisure - 22 Nov 2014
    Apart from its glamour and vibrant culture, Berlin is well known for its museum. Here we give brief information on major museums in Berlin....more
  • thumb-Ekambareswarar-Kanchipuram
    Chennai among top 10 world cities: The honour is well des...
    By Carlton Leisure - 21 Nov 2014
    Chennai’s inclusion in list of world’s top 10 destinations has surprised experts. Here we give reasons why this fame is well deserved....more
  • thumb-Songyue-Temple-China
    Major Historical Attractions in China
    By Carlton Leisure - 20 Nov 2014
    Besides its glittering cities like Beijing and Shanghai, China is also home to some most important historical attractions. Here we list some of them....more
  • thumb-lake-in-Canada
    Sample Best of Plant and Animal Life at National Parks in...
    By Carlton Leisure - 19 Nov 2014
    For most of the visitors Canada is a large country with diverse offerings. Do you know the country is also home to some most beautiful national parks?...more
  • thumb-Seychelles-beach
    Why Seychelles is a traveller’s favourite?
    By Carlton Leisure - 18 Nov 2014
    The Seychelles might be small in size but not in terms of offerings for tourists. This archipelago in Indian Ocean offers various options to engage vacationers for few days....more