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Other than Hollywood, top countries with booming movie industry

By Carlton Leisure - 28/05/2016


Every year thousands of movies are made worldwide and any movie buff can testify this. No doubt Hollywood in America is the leader of the flock with large budget but film industries of other countries are no less. India, South Korea, Nigeria and Japan are countries known for their movie culture. Here we give a lowdown on top countries with booming film industry.

South Korea

South Korea is renowned worldwide as a major media hub in Asia. The country is a great producer of music, film and TV programs. The country has a great appetite for consuming entertainment programs. Apart from serving its own country its entertainment industry also serves neighboring countries like China, Japan, and major parts of Southeast Asia. Apart from making films for other countries, the country makes a huge number of films for its domestic market. Most of the time Korean films draw stories from the Korean history and socio-cultural milieu. Most of the stories are drawn from historical events like Japanese occupation, Korean War and the division of the country. Films in different genres of romance, slapstick humor, and drama are also produced. JSA (Joint Security Area) and Miracle in Cell Number 7 are some of the prominent films that can be watched to understand South Korean cinema.


Nigerian film industry is popularly called as Nollywood and it is only next to Indian film industry in terms of production. The Nigerian film industry is the second largest employers in the country. Most of the film production houses don’t have a studio set up instead these are filmed in apartments and crowded streets. And there distribution strategy is very simple. The films are released on DVD. These films are very popular in Ghana and according and according to some people the continent is heading towards the Nigerianisation. If you want to have a glimpse of Nigerian cinema The Amazing Grace and Osoufia in London could be ideal choice.


In terms of the number of films produced, Indian film industry is the largest producer. On an average the Indian film industry produces around 2000 films annually. Apart from its famous film industry Bollywood, the country also had regional film industries that make films in regional languages that include Tamil, Telugu Malayalam, kanada and other regional languages. Most of the films in India cinema are based on social issues with very little violence. You can see some of the best classic produced by Hindi film industry.


Russian film industry is also well known for its great cinema. The golden period of Russian cinema is referred as the Soviet Cinematic Era, and has produced some of the masterpieces that include The Battleship Potemkin and The Man with the Movie Camera. After the wars more freedom was given to filmmakers. One can watch The Cranes are Flying, Tarkovsky’s Solaris and The Return and Russian Ark to understand Russian cinema.


Australian cinema is one of the most evolved film industries and some of its actors has also got acceptance in Hollywood. Peter Finch, Mel Gibson, Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett are some of the prominent names that are equally popular in Hollywood. The Australian films are acclaimed worldwide. Picnic at Hanging Rock is renowned worldwide. With arrival of new directors Australian cinema is changing for better.


Always admired for its culture, Japan is also known for its flourishing cinema industry. Its film industry has gone through several stages of evolution and has also won the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar several times. From horrors films to pornography to ideology based cinema there are different genres here. The films by noted director Akira Kurosawa are popular worldwide.