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Places to Visit before they Vanish

By Carlton Leisure - 28/04/2014


Increasing pollution, environmental changes, maddening pace of development are eating into some of the most magical places on planet earth, driving them towards extinction. Here we are turning spotlight on some of the most spectacular destination that could disappear in coming decades.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Spread over an area of 133,000 sq miles (344,400 sq km), this largest coral reef on the planet earth is one of the major draw cards in Australia. This reef is worst affected by the climate changes and it has been eroding ever year. If Rising ocean temperature and pollutions would go unchecked it won’t last more than a century.

Venice, Italy

Referred as one of the most romantic destinations on earth, Venice in Italy is another destination under threat. Its charming canals which are major draw cards have been sinking over the years. An increase in floods may compel people to look for safer places to reside.

The Dead Sea

You may have read about the Salty Dead Sea in your geography books. This world renowned site has shrunk over four decades. And if expert opinions are to believe the site won’t be in existence in 5 decades, as adjoining countries are drawing large amount of water which is major source of water for the sea.

Glacier National Park, Montana

Glacier National Park which once housed around 150 glaciers has now less than 25 glaciers. And experts say that if rapid climate change would continue at that pace there won’t be any glacier by 2030, which would have a direct bearing on its ecosystem.


Increasing pollution and resultant global warming are causing the increase in water level at sea. And if this trend will continue the magnificent country of Maldives which is lowest-lying country on Earth with an average elevation of around five feet above sea level, will submerge in water in a century. Keeping in view this threat, the government of Maldives has bought land in other countries to deal with possible displacement.


Known worldwide for its luxurious resorts, the Seychelles is an archipelago of around 115 and home to around 90,000 citizens is under threat of beach erosion. Experts suggested that in coming 5 to 10 decades this archipelago could be engulfed by the sea.

The Alps

This information might be heartbreaking for the skiing lovers but it is true. The Alps which is world renowned for its skiing options is losing its 3% of ice every year. As it is situated at an altitude lower than Rocky Mountains it easily gets affected by climate change. As per experts the glacier could disappear by 2050.

Magdalen Islands, Quebec, Canada

Beautifully snuggled amidst in the Gulf of St. Lawrence the Magdalen Islands are synonymous with its sandy beaches and sandstone cliffs that qualify it as an excellent holiday destination. The islands face erosion by heavy winds. On an average, the island is eroding 40 inches year on year. The expert says that Island may vanish in 75 years.


Even Alaskan Tundra is not unaffected by climate change. The change in climate results in melting of permafrost and thus affecting the infrastructure and ecosystem.

Athabasca Glacier, Alberta, Canada

One of the most frequented glaciers in North America, Alberta’s Athabasca Glacier is spread over 2.3 square miles (6 sq km). This magnificent glacier is melting for more than a century. In recent decades, the rate of melting has increased to a great extent.