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Plan a trip to tantalizing Tirana

By Carlton Leisure - 11/09/2015


Tirana, the throbbing heart of Albania resonates with energy round the year. Clubs, parks, cafes, museums, art galleries and a wide array of dining and shopping options makes it favourite destination for travellers with varying expectations. In a very short span, the city has transformed itself from isolation to one of the most sought after destinations in the region. And it is not a mean achievement for the city which has been under a communist regime for a fairly long period. What is more impressive is the respect and hospitality given to tourists by locals. In recent years, the number of passengers flying to Tirana is steadily on the rise. Here we give a lowdown on the top draw cards this city has on offer.


Museums chronicle the former life and times of a city and Tirana museums do the same for the city. On your visit to National History Museum, which also happens to be the largest museum of the country, you will come across vast archaeological remains of the country and you can also see the massive sword of Skanderbeg. Description on most of the exhibits is written in English and can be understood without the help of a guide. The museum gives you a peek into ancient Illyria to the end of communist regime. Archaeological Museum could be other destination for museum lovers as it also treasures a large amount of artefacts. But here is a world of caution; the exhibits here are not described and you might require the services of a guide.

Those with genuine interest in art should visit National Art Gallery where a large number of Albanian paintings are on display. Here you can find painting from 19th century till date. Here one can understand social, political and real life of Albania.

Architectural Marvels

Being an important city of Albania for a very long period the city is home to some of the beautiful pieces of architecture that you might find interesting. Pyramid which is designed by Enver Hoxha's daughter and son-in-law previously served as Hoxha Museum but now it has been converted into a convention centre and nightclub. The buildings also hold some temporary exhibits. Congress Building which was built by the daughter and son-in-law of the dictator is also an impressive building where most of the ceremonies are held. Situated nearby is Blloku area which former dictator used to visit. This place is now open to general public. Fortress of Justinian is another structure tourists should visit as it is last remain of a Byzantine era castle. Palace of Culture is another piece of impressive architecture that should be visited. Clock Tower is also a magnificent architecture and from its top one can get a commanding view of the surroundings.

Monuments and Landmarks

The city of Tirana is replete with monuments and landmarks that give a reflection of history and culture of the city. Statue of the Unknown Partisan and Equestrian Statue of Skanderbeg are most defining landmarks in the city. The Statue of the Unknown Partisan seems to be aiming weapon on the parliament building.