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Prosperous China is becoming popular for romantic escape

By Carlton Leisure - 28/10/2014


China is the country where old meets new and tradition meets modernity. And these amazing contrasts make China a cynosure of travellers’ eye. Very few can resist the temptation of visiting its glittering cities, taking a glance of its top tourist attractions and spend some moments of solitude exploring its lush countryside. Not a surprise, business and leisure travellers keep pouring in and couples in love and newlyweds are not far behind jumping to the bandwagon as China offers them enough opportunities to get best of glamour and solitude. So the couples should seek city breaks in China to give their romance a new high.


Situated in Yunnan province Lijiang could be a great escape for couples in love as it offers a mix of indoor and outdoor options. The area is surrounded by mountains, forests, wild rivers and streams that add to its romantic appeal. The couples can enrich their experience by indulging in umpteenth of outdoor activities like hiking skiing and other and exploring several sights. Here it is worth remembering some parts of the city are listed in UNESCO world heritage site.

Wuzhen Water Town

Situated in vicinity to Hangzhou, Wuzhen could be a destination at the par with Venice where waterways connects major streets and alleys. The streets are lined with souvenir shops and restaurants. The town is also interspersed with several museums. Strewn with several bridges, ancient docks and secondary waterways the town makes a perfect setting for a romantic escape.


Situated within driving distance from Guilin City, Yangshuo is a great tourist destination in its own right. The town is interspersed with crystal clear rivers, limestone crags, greenery, and houses showing traditional architecture. Its beauty has been immortalised in several forms of Chinese literature. The guests can go to visit its hinterlands where they will see vast stretches of paddy fields.


No trip of China is said to be complete without a visit to Chinese capital. And being more than an administrative hub the city has several things to do for couples in love. Apart from its symbols of modernity the city is also home to several historic buildings. To cater honeymooners Beijing has an array of luxury accommodation and dining options. One must not miss a visit to The Great Wall of China which is situated at a short drive.


The commercial capital of China is frequented by leisure and business travellers alike and it doesn’t disappoint couples either. The city comes alive during night when lights are on and skylines rivals New York and London. Shanghai offers great accommodation, dining and shopping options which newlyweds might be looking for. People’s Square, Yu Garden and Oriental Pearl Tower are major attractions.

Apart from being admired for its economic growth China is also a great destination for tourists looking for a romantic escape.