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Qingdao and its popular draw cards

By Carlton Leisure - 17/11/2015


Qingdao is one of the rare cities in China that has not bid adieu to its past despite embracing modernity. Once an idyllic fishing village its fortune started changing when Germany started a European concession taking advantage of its coastal position. The Germans didn’t stay in the city for long but their influence can still be seen in houses patterns in Qingdao. And during your visit to the old town you will come across a large number of Bavarian-style houses. You might think that the city is frozen in time but it is not. On your visit to the city you will see a large number of development projects going on but the city has not parted ways with its historic buildings. Most of which has been restored to its former glory. And those flying to Qingdao will come across impressive promenades, winding colonial streets, and beautiful parks. For the travellers visiting this city we give a lowdown on its top draw cards.

Han Dynasty Brick Museum

There is an amazing story about this museum that says Zhang Xinkuan, a young army officer, discovered huge granite slabs while laying a road. He found these slabs covered with exquisite carvings. He saved more than 5000 of these relics that belonged to the Han dynasty. Zhang put his entire life savings to discover these carvings that speak volume about life and culture in old china. The museum is a must visit destination for travellers visiting Qingdao.

Governor’s House Museum

Governor’s House Museum is a fine specimen of concession-era architecture. This formers residence of German governor is built to resemble a German palace. The building has an impressive facade and even more impressive interiors. The palace was built at a cost of whopping 2,450,000 taels a large amount in 1903. Seeing the bill, Kaiser Wilhelm II immediately sacked the governor. The museum is visited by travellers for its impressive architecture and several exhibits.


Those looking for open green spaces would find Qingdao an interesting destination given a large number of parks dotting city’s landscape. Xiao Qingdao Park nestled on Little Qingdao Island was used for military purpose. Germans built a lighthouse later. Japanese built a bridge to connect the island. Luxun Park which is a two-kilometre long beachside park is also worth visiting. Baihuayuan Gardens, Qingdaoshan Park, Zhongshan Park, Xiaoyushan Park and Xinhaoshan Park are other prominent parks which are are worth exploring.


Beaches are other important draw card for the travellers visiting Qingdao. There are some spectacular beaches that tourists can explore during their visit to the city. Laoshan Beach and Old Stone Man Beach are popular beaches that one should visit. The city of Qingdao even doesn’t disappoint beach lovers as they have opportunity to visit Golden Sand Beach which is situated at a short drive. Excellent transport services are available to the place. The beach offers a change from the hustle and bustle of the city life.