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The islands are beautiful still no one lives there

By Carlton Leisure - 26/07/2016


The planet earth is beautifully packed with countless geographical wonders in the form of island, gorges, mountains and waterfalls. While most of the major islands are inhabited and have great tourism appeal, there are some which are strikingly beautiful but still inhabited by none. Here we are trying to unravel them.

Okunoshima Island

This island situated 3km off the coast in Hiroshima prefecture has a large number of rabbits which are not the native species. This uninhabited island has served as place for the production of poisonous gas for imperial army. When allied forces attacked the island they dismantled the laboratory and set rabbits free. Not a surprise, the place has a large number of rabbits. The island is accessible by ferry. If you are also planning a trip visiting Okunoshima Poisonous Gas Museum could be a great idea.

Ball’s Pyramids

This 582 meter high rock island in Pacific Ocean is situated 20 km off the coast of Lord Howe Island. Ball’s Pyramid is created around 7 million years ago as a result of volcanic eruption. The island is also a favorite haunt among the climbers which keep frequenting it every now and often. It was first conquered by a group of Australian climbers in 1965.

Palmyra Atoll

Palmyra Atoll which is a territory of the US and situated 1000 miles south of Hawaii. During the World War II, the US military built an airstrip here which is no longer in operation. The atoll receives a good number of travelers from different parts of the world owing to its stunning setting.

Lazzaretto Nuovo

Lazzaretto Nuovo in Venice could be a fine example of beautiful island with no habitation. The place had a monastery during the medieval times. Later in 1468 it was made a quarantine area for ships coming to Venice in order to protect city from plague. Latter it was converted into a military base. Now this island is the site for a cultural museum under the aegis of the Italian Ministry of Arts and Culture and open for exploration.

Maldivian Islands

Out of 1200 islands in Maldives, only 200 are inhabited. There is no population on more than 1000 islands. These islands are few hundred meters apart and are easily accessible. Most of the travelers taking flights to Male have exploration of these uninhabited islands in mind. These islands are striking beautiful and travelers can explore some of them on a day trip. Now some of the islands are also equipped with tourist resort ensuring travelers a calm yet luxurious stay.

Antipodes Island

This group of volcanic islands situated south of New Zealand is uninhabited due to climatic regions. Cold climate and harsh winds make it a difficult place to live. The place has seen several deaths in the past due to shipwrecks. Some people have also died trying to survive here.

Jaco Island

This island in East Timor has no permanent inhabitants, as locals consider it as a sacred land. They refrain from settling here. However the place is open for the tourists. The travelers can explore this island on a day trip.