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Top Bird watching experiences in the world

By Carlton Leisure - 29/07/2016


The world sees a large number of travel activities all around as there is lot to explore on the planet. Nature, adventure, places of scenic beauty, religion, honeymoon and beaches are some of the popular themes. But there is a different breed of travelers who are fascinated by winged beauties. Bird watching has become a popular theme among the travelers. Here we give a lowdown on top bird watching experiences in the world.

Manu National Park

Spread over 15000 square kilometers Manu National Park is a habitat of more than 1000 species of birds. A large part of park is inaccessible and most of the travelers have to take a road that descends from tundra-like habitats to Amazonian rain forest. This park in Peru is a birdwatchers paradise. Macaws, herons, cormorants, hawks, and storks are some of the commonly found birds there. A guided tour will acquaint you to the local bird species effectively.

Cape May Bird Observatory

Founded in 1975, Cape May Bird Observatory is not limited to bird watching. It is also a place for research, conservation, education and recreational bird activities. The place is popular among birds and birders alike. The observatory has great habitat for migratory birds that include salt marshes, swamp, fresh water marshes, ponds, saltwater, grasslands and open green spaces. Purple Sandpiper, Ruddy Turnstone, Long-tailed Duck, Red-throated Loon, Black-headed Gull, Bald Eagles, Glossy Ibis and Willet are some of the commonly found birds here.

Kruger National Park

For most of the travelers Kruger National Park is an ideal place to spot Big 5. But the park is more than this. The park is also a birders paradise as this game reserve is home to 500 species of birds. Grey Lourie, Green Backed Heron, Yellowbilled Stork, Martial Eagle, Bateleur Eagle, Egyptian Goose, Blackwinged Stilt, Reed Cormorant, Hamerkop and Whitebacked Vulture are some of the commonly found bird species there. No doubt famous Big 5 will be there to watch. There is no dearth of accommodation options in vicinity.


A beautiful island in Asia, Borneo charms nature lovers with its amazing diversity. This spectacular islands shared by Indonesia, Malaysia, and The Sultanate of Brunei, is also a birdwatchers Mecca given a large number of bird species. Hornbills, broadbills, pittas, storks and kingfishers are prominent bird species to be found there.

Papua New Guinea

Known for its immense biological diversity Papua New Guinea readily comes to mind when birders plan a trip. A large part of its forests is inaccessible but there are eco-lodges from where travelers can seek great glimpse of local bird life. The island is home to 781 bird species out of which 76 are endemic. Visiting this island would be nothing short of a visual delight.


When entire world is thinking about GDP and economy Bhutan prides itself to be one of the happiest countries in the world. This small country with diverse terrain has enough scope for bird watching. The country is rich in bio-diversity and during their visit the guests would be able to see several species of indigenous as well as exotic birds. The country is home to around 670 species of birds, of which 50 are winter migratory birds.


A great bird watching experience can be had during your visit to Ecuador. Most part of the country offers bird watching but western part of Pichincha Province needs a special mention. There are a good number of lodges in vicinity basing where one can have great bird watching experience.