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Top River Cruise Experiences in the World

By Carlton Leisure - 20/06/2016


Cruise trips are one of the most fascinating travel experiences on can have. But what is really disturbing is that we have to remain in oceans for long time with very few ports of call. So we often wish for a cruise where we won’t become sea sick and here river cruises come into the picture. If you are also looking for river cruises then try out the cruises operating on these rivers.

Elbe River

One of the prominent rivers in Central Europe a river cruise on Elbe River takes you through diverse experiences. While cruising between Berlin and Prague stop at the historic landmarks of Wittenberg. One should also go to sandstone cliffs of Germany’s Saxon Switzerland which is admired worldwide for its impressive beauty.

Mekong River

A cruise ride on Mekong River would take you through prominent countries in Asia that include Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, China, Myanmar and Vietnam. The route is one of the hot favorites among those looking for a great cruising experience on Mekong. On the way you will get exposed to cultures of the respective countries.

Danube River

A cruise ride on Danube River will takes one through countries like Austria, Romania, Hungary, Ukraine, Croatia, Germany, Bulgaria, Slovakia Serbia and Moldova. Every country has its own history, culture and traditions, the tourists will be exposed to. From food to entertainment and port of call, everything is planned well to give travelers one of the best experiences of their life.

Irrawaddy River

After years of repressive military rule, Myanmar (Burma) is open for exploration. Hordes of travelers are flying to Yangon which is the capital and gateway to major attractions. There are several things to do; temples, colonial enclaves and scrumptious cuisines. But apart from these regular allures, there is one thing tourists would love to do. We are talking about cruising on Irrawaddy. It is one of the means to explore this city on a leisurely pace. On the way you will come across several pagoda and amazing temples.

Amazon River

This one of the most famous rivers in the world is also known for offering an amazing river cruise experience. There is a good number of cruises operating on this river and one the way you would be exposed to remote villages, rainforests and wildlife. One can plan a trip as per their requirements. Cruise services are operated most parts of the year so finding them won’t be difficult for anyone.

Nile River

Crowning the glory of being the largest river in the world river Nile offers one of the most amazing river experiences. While sailing, you will go to Cairo where you can explore the city well. Some of the cruises also have an itinerary that covers the pyramids. The cruises take you through places with beautiful scenery and an array of fun activities.

Seine River

One of the most prominent rivers in Europe Seine offers you a fascinating cruising experience. Imagine the thrill of seeing the Eiffel Tower while sailing by. Further, cruise takes you to the English Channel where you stop en route at. Giverny which is associated with noted artist Claude Monet.