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Top Things to do in Nairobi

By Carlton Leisure - 26/06/2014


The world Kenya brings to mind wildlife but visit its capital Nairobi and you will find the city has all the making of a new age metropolis. Fondly called as ‘Green city in the Sun’, the city is battling its reputation as city with law and order problems. The Kenyan capital faces traffic snarls during the day but by the night it becomes a city with cooler evening and beautiful gardens. Here we suggest ways to explore the Kenyan capital.

Take a Safari

If you can’t manage to go to Masai Mara Safari, don’t get disappointed as Nairobi has a park within city limits; visit Nairobi National Park where lions, cheetahs, leopards, buffalos, hippos and black rhinos are celebrity inhabitants.

Maasai Market

Visiting a Massai market would give you an understanding of Kenya. Visit this market with a local and see the range of products - jewellery, clothing, carvings, statuettes and beadwork. If interested, you can buy souvenirs from here. Do remember, bargaining is the order of the day here.

Get Along with Giraffe

Most of the travellers visiting Nairobi never miss an opportunity to visit Giraffe Centre. Take some fodder along with you and feed the animal with your hands. Thousands of tourists with love for wildlife visit this centre.

A sumptuous dining experience

Non vegetarians would have a great dining experience during their visit to Nairobi. Here the guests can feast on delicacies prepared from lamb, beef, pork, ostrich and crocodile.

Get atop Kenya Conference

There can’t be a better place to catch a panoramic view of the city than Kenya international Conference Centre. The building offer 360 degree view of the city and its spectacular sunset.

Sip a cup of Kenyan Tea/ Coffee

Kenyans have a cup of tea and coffee and during your visit to Nairobi don’t miss an opportunity to visit a restaurant or coffee shop where tea and coffee are served in typical Kenyan style.

Museum Hopping

The city is also a good place for museum hopping and tourists should steal some time to visit National museum of Kenya situated amidst a lush green surrounding. Here tourists will find an array of cultural, geographical and historical exhibits. Karen Blixen House and Museum is another destination which should be part of your itinerary.

Have a slice of local culture

If you want to have a slice of the local culture you should plan a visit to the Bomas of Kenya. This cultural centre has a large amphitheatre where traditional dance and music shows are held often. The guest can also visit a replica of a typical African village nearby.