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Top things to know before you head to Turkey

By Carlton Leisure - 16/07/2016


Charmed by magnificent cities, interesting landmarks and vibrant culture of Turkey and planning a trip there. With some of the most beautiful cities, strategic location and impressive yet interesting history Turkey charms travelers like none other. While cities like Istanbul and Ankara leaves travelers awestruck with their impressive history, there are delicious cuisines to savor your palate. But before you go, there are certain things understanding which would help explore turkey in an effective way.


While visiting Turkish knowing some common Turkish words would be of great help to connect with locals. The people are very warm and welcoming and appreciate foreigners’ effort to communicate in local language. The knowledge of local language would help you strike a rapport with locals thus helping understand the local culture better.


The local currency is Lira however US dollars and Euro can easily be exchanged. You will find ATMs in most parts of the country from where you can obtain cash. The travelers should also carry cash and credit card so that they can pay if ATMs are not working. The travelers are advised to carry currency in denomination to avoid any hassle.

Dress Locally

Situated at the junction of Asia and Europe, Turkey’s culture is a final amalgamation of east and west. While city’s showcases modern culture, hinterlands have preserved their culture and tradition. You can be your own person during your visit to urban hubs while you should dress according to local culture while visiting hinterlands. If you wish to visit a mosque make sure to remove shoes and cover major body parts.


Besides other allures, Turkey is a great shopping destination and those visiting this country can vouch for that. You will find a mix of traditional as well as modern shopping hubs during your visit to Turkey. The country was home to several grand markets even before the advent of mall culture. Grand Bazaar and Spice Bazaar are very popular among the visitors. But while shopping use your discretion as there are no price labels on the product. Haggling is the order of the day and you can see the price dipping as low as 50 percent.


A visit to Turkey will also acquaint you some of best delicacies you have ever gorged upon. In big cities like Istanbul you can find local; as well as intercontinental cuisines. While visiting Turkey you can treat your taste buds with traditional Turkish cuisines like pilaf, borek, doner kebap and kofte among others.