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Top Women-friendly Cities in the World

By Carlton Leisure - 23/06/2016


With the advent of global economy and more organized travel sector more and more people are traveling to global destinations and women are no exception when travelling to new destinations abroad. While travelling abroad women often look for places where women feel safe and treated well. We live in a male dominated society but there are few places where women feel effortlessly safe where you are looking for a night out or hit the bar you can do without worrying much.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Being a safe country for travelers Denmark could be a great destination for women as well to explore. And capital city Copenhagen is one such destination where women can walk through the streets without worrying much of safety or prying eyes. The local’s attitude towards women is also friendly. So when you check in a hotel or wander through its streets you won’t be judged.

Amsterdam, Holland

Holland is a great country where personal liberty is revered and thus allows travelers to be their own person. This is the country where prostitution is legal and smoking weed is not a crime. So you can estimate the personal liberties in Holland. Solo women travelers shouldn’t worry about safety as the city is considered very safe. So whether you want to have a sumptuous meal or hit a bar or board a canal bus you can do it without thinking much of security.

Ottawa, Canada

Canadian capital Ottawa attracts a large number of travelers through its tourism and business offerings. With increasing number of travelers in global workforce women too need to visit Ottawa solo where they are greeted with a secure and friendly ambience. There would be no language barrier as the French and English are spoken commonly. You should visit the ByWard Market which is visited by no less than 50,000 people on weekends. This major city in Canada is replete with shopping, dining and entertainment hubs that should be explored while on a trip.

Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland, the home of around sporting 1,400,000 residents is also considered friendly and safe for the women visitors. Whether you are checking in a hotel or going for that important business meeting or visiting major tourist attractions in this city in New Zealand you won’t have any qualm about visiting the city. Visit its pristine beaches or relax in its natural springs or do city sightseeing, you find the ambience safe and amicable.

Perth, Australia

Also called one of the remotest cities in the world, Perth, the capital of Western Australia is considered one of the safest and friendliest cities in the region. The city is frequented by 6,000,000 people every year. Whether you want to explore its beaches or visit its markets you needn’t worry about the security.