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Unusual and creative buildings around the world

By Carlton Leisure - 29/04/2014


Construction of a building is a tedious job as it takes some serious time, efforts and lots of hard earned money. If the building has a special and unique concept then there is lot of innovation, creativity and experience is involved in the whole process. These buildings are special, creative, amazing and most unusual.

Great cities with their great buildings become iconic landmarks with the passage of time and a visual statement of the era. So why not travel these unusual structures around the world that lure architectural buffs from all the corners of the world to gauge their grandeur and aesthetic sense.

Capital Gate, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Owned and developed by ADNEC or Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company, Capital Building is one of the landmark buildings in UAE capital. It is no less than a signature tower that signifies the city’s progress and evolution. The Capital Gate also pays tribute to the legacy of His highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the late president or father of nation. It is the most modern exhibition venue and is a celebration of human achievements that reflects technical excellence and dynamism.

The Piano House, Anhui, China

China is a country full of surprises. Besides its mighty skyscrapers, shopping malls and iconic buildings, it has yet another surprise for its visitors, The Piano House; a house is shaped like a violin leaning against a grand piano. The violin is made completely out of glass and serves as an entry point to the house. The piano stands on three concrete legs and features a roof terrace beneath a canopy shaped like the piano’s open top. It is truly a spectacle of Anhui province.

Turning Torso, Malmö?, Sweden

A magnificent white building that touches the cloud, Turning Torso has opened its doors in 2005 and upon completion it was the second tallest residential building in Europe and is the highest building in Sweden. The building is visible from all corners of Malmo, from the Oresund Bridge, from the air as well from outside of city. Designed as a symbol for the eco friendly building the tower is supplied with 100% locally produced renewable energy.

Lotus Temple, New Delhi, India

Since its inauguration in 1986, Lotus Temple or the Bahai House of worship in New Delhi is one of the most visited temples of country. On an average around 8,000 to 10,000 people visit this place of worship each day. Admired due to its architectural splendor in the form of a white marbled lotus visitors to it are also fascinated by the teachings of Bahai faith. Around the blooming petals there are nine pools of water and the temple looks stunning especially when it is flood lit.

Kansas City Library, Kansas City, Missouri, USA

The Kansas City library contains a unique “Community Bookshelf” on its exteriors. The book showcases the spines of 22 books measure approximately 25 feet by 9 feet are made up of signboard mylar. The shelf showcases 22 tiles reflecting wide variety of books depicting the reading interest as suggested by the people of Kansas City and then selected by the Kansas City Public Library Board of Trustees. Their final selection was made on 16th March 2004 and the book shelf was completed between fall and March of 2004.

Longaberger Headquarters, Newark, Ohio, USA

The Longaberger Basket Building is an impressive example of Mimetic architecture and is the brainchild of Longaberger Empire Founder Dave Longaberger. Because of its work selling baskets and other accessories, the company headquarters is designed in shape of a giant wooden basket. Standing seven stories high and enclosing 180,000 Sq. ft. the office can hold up to 500 employees. Two large handles are heated in winters to prevent ice forming causing any destruction to the building.