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Visit Amman to enjoy a panoramic view

By Carlton Leisure - 31/12/2014


Amman is a contemporary Arab state rather than other cultural centers of the middle east. It is a capital of Jordan and a sprawling town of about 1.5 million people, surrounded by seven hills. From the above of Amman’s Citadel, the sand-colored vistas of houses, office buildings, government ministries and schools spread out somewhat monotonously in all directions. Amman is a smart base for seeing nearby sites like Jerash and there are lots of hotels and restaurants and some interesting sight to see but most people don’t linger here.

Not sure about what to do in Jordan, then select the city Amman? We have brought all the details. Our travel experts compiled the best activities in Amman so you can make the most of your trip.

Don't visit the city with hopes of medieval Souqs and markets, or breathtaking mosques of Islam's massive architectural legacy. Must visit the city to take a sight of a modern Arab city, acceptance an international and ethnically varied vision of the prospect. Whether you're in the urban western suburbs, or the earthy, kinetic chaos of downtown, the welcome you'll receive is sure to be warm.

Continuously overlooked and underrated by travelers to the Middle East, the Amman position in noticeable contrast to its raucous neighbors, with none of the vast past of Damascus, not a smell of Jerusalem’s tension and just a small part of Cairo’s tombstones. It is a cultured, friendly city with unforeseen attraction, covered in a new spirit of vitality, investment is driving in, new structures are rising, regions are being refreshing and the city is filled with cafes, arts and business. If you are looking for medieval mosques, vibrant spice bazaars and vanishing romance, go anywhere else; if you wish a grip on how a youthful, this Jordanian capital is finding its way in the world, Amman is for you.

How to get into the city

By Plane

Travelers who are planning to holiday in Amman will arrive at Queen Alia International Airport from major  cities in Europe, Middle east, North America, North Africa, and the far east. You can book a rental car at the airport, for which you need an international driving permit or hire a service taxi to Amman city.

By Rail

Board on the train on Hejaz Railway line from Damascus to Amman – devotees always use it to go to Medina.

By Road

Hire a car if you love to drive. A good network of roads connecting neighboring nations like – Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Israel, Lebanon and others. You can also bring your own vehicle, but for it you must have legal papers letting you to pass through and International driving license. You will have to receive a local insurance and pay a minimum fee for most European recorded vehicles in Jordan. Rental cabs and Taxis can also take you into the nation from these adjacent nations.

Delight yourself at Amman, whether you are searching for relaxing or want to indulge in some activities with family and friends. Relive your life again and add a little spice to it on Amman trip. Don’t miss cheap flights to Amman and explore its various tourist attractions.