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Visiting Dammam is an enriching experience

By Carlton Leisure - 15/07/2015


Dammam is the regional capital of the eastern area of Saudi Arabia. This is residence to a vast sea, beautiful beaches and outstanding fishing spots. It is a great place for travellers from all parts of the world. Dammam is considered as one of the oldest inhabited sites because of the discovery of various oldest artifacts in Rakah neighbourhood, pointing out that Dammam was a popular place for dwelling long time in the past. Here I have mentioned a list of attractions where you can visit –

King Abdullah Park

It is situated facing the sea in Dammam. It is the most contemporary places with unique design and it involves amazing green spaces equipped with all the services like restaurants, playgrounds, fountains and theatre for holding festivals and events.

King Fahad Park

It is situated in the middle of Dammam and Dhahran cities on the Al Khaleej Highway. It is the biggest parks in the Eastern Province. It has a number of waterfalls, eight bridges to make people go from one place to other and two artificial lakes, immense laughter rides, many restaurants and other services.

Dammam Corniche

The place offers you appealing nature and beautiful views to its travellers. It contains green surroundings, sandy areas, playgrounds, Kiosks and other facilities. Popularly, national celebrations and Eid ceremonies are celebrated on it all year.

Al Marjan Island

It is a great island linked to the Dammam pier across a bridge. It has that entire traveller and families require, for example seating areas, green spaces and playgrounds. Also, you can enjoy a sea ferry by wonderful boat rides to and from the Island with a free food.

Dammam Regional Museum

The museum has 6 halls in which you can visit during your holiday, beginning from the Stone Age to the present. Also, there are archaeology specialities who makes you know about the city’s history and culture. You can visit the museum from 8 AM to 12 PM and from 4 PM to 7 PM.

Shopping Centre

People of the city feels proud to have luxurious shopping centres that offer you the most wonderful, different and amazing international brand names in exquisitely designed business complexes, equipped with contemporary facilities to match your needs and that definitely gives you a great shopping experience.

Dammam and the surrounding areas

You will be delighted by the climate of the city and amazing beaches where you could enjoy visiting the attractions while taking a stroll on the Corniche and practicing various other beach sports. If you prefer, you can go to King Fahd Park and spend imperial time in restaurants, swimming pools, fountains and green spaces which are full of active.